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The summer of 2012 calls for bold landscaping designs that require little maintenance.

A great way to add fun and ambiance to any landscape design is to incorporate stone pathways or stone driveways. It can add a hint of rustic flavor in addition to addressing some practical concerns. Cracks that occur in already existing stone work from expansion and contraction during winter can be covered up with creative stone work.

Miami Landscaping

Don't be afraid to use color. Big and bright flowers allow your landscaping design to really pop. Many times bright floral work can be the focus of your landscape design and the use of a variety of colors also serves to add interest to the overall design.

As a homeowner, you always have the option to re-work old space! Old garden sheds or storage units that never see any use can be converted or removed to open up more space. These kinds of situations are ideal for adding play houses and expanding the dynamics your yard has to offer.

Going eco-friendly has been a consistent trend in all areas of life over the past few years. Plant flowers, vegetables, and shrubbery that are organic and do not require huge amounts of water. Micro-irrigation systems can also be installed to cut down on your overall maintenance while cultivating a healthy relationship with your environment! For those that are working with smaller spaces, classic plants that take up little space can still make a visual impact. Hydrangeas and other garden standards can be acquired in miniature sizes for the gardener working with limited space. Optimizing your landscaping for a variety of uses only increases your love for your yard. Landscaping can actually increase the value of your yard to the ecosystem. Birdhouses, berry plants, and fragrant flowers such as honeysuckles can attract and nurture bees, butterflies, and birds. The benefits of a wildlife haven are numerous, including keeping away unwanted insects and pest while adding beauty to your design concept. Fire pits are a popular installation that encourages serene evening gatherings. They can come in a variety of sizes and give you the feeling of camping right in your own back yard.