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Do you need to get your trees trimmed?


One of the biggest advantages to having a professional trim your trees is they know how to shape the tree so that it will grow into a beautiful tree without branches going everywhere. Trees need to be trimmed, and the trimming enables them to grow properly. New growth will become part of a beautifully shaped tree.

Most homeowners are not adept at climbing a ladder, and they run a real risk if they are willing to try. Falls from ladders can leave people in terrible physical shape for a long time. A professional tree trimmer will be very adept at climbing into the tree to trim branches that seem to be growing wild. More importantly, the tree trimmer is covered by their insurance if they should fall.

Professional tree trimmers are trained in every species of trees that grow on residential property. This training ensures that the trees will be trimmed to look their best, and by shaping them properly they will continue to grow into the best shape.

Professional trimmers will know what branches are dying and which can be saved. This means a lot to the owner of the tree, because cutting branches that can be saved will add to the beauty of the tree in the future.

Protecting pedestrians and cars that are passing by is a necessary function of the professional trimmer. Protecting the house and garage is also important. The homeowner would like to have the flower beds and the shrubbery protected, and the professional trimmer will make sure this is done.

The trimmer will also dispose of the branches that they have cut. This helps the homeowner because they will not have to find a place to dispose of them. It would most likely be large load and very heavy to handle. Using a professional will enable the homeowner to get advice on how to care for the trees in the future.

Do you need to get the trees in and around your Miami home trimmed? Give us a call at 305-255-7000 and let us handle it for you!