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Benefits of having an irrigation system in your Miami home


One of the downfalls of owning a beautifully landscaped property is the amount of time, energy, and money it takes to make sure all the plants get a sufficient amount of water. It takes a lot of time to walk around a property spraying down turf and flower beds, while only using a hose with and spray nozzle. It costs just about as much money in wasted water too. These problems can be combated by the installation of an irrigation system.

An irrigation system removes all of the daily labor of watering a landscape. The timers for the systems are set to go off every day, or every other day, at predetermined times without any manual intervention from the owner. The most maintenance a watering system will require is an annual spring time turning on and calibration, and a fall time clearing of water from the pipes. After that, for the rest of the year the system’s clock will take care of the rest!

A properly installed Irrigation system can also conserve water and therefore save you money. Most watering systems operate during the early hours of the morning when people are not likely to be awake. This time of day is best for watering as it prevents wasted water caused by evaporation from the sun.

A properly designed system will not only save water but will also help your plants to be as healthy as possible. Watering systems operate in “Zones”. These zones are sections of the system that can operate independently of other zones in the system. These zones can operate independantly for both what time they will engage, and for what duration. These zones when set up by a well-informed landscape architect can make sure that plants requiring larger amounts of water will get it, while plants that require less water, will not have water unnecessarily wasted on them.

Over time, a properly designed and installed irrigation system will not only save you money on water, but will also help preserve your overall landscape costs. A properly watered and maintained landscape will encourage plant health and growth preventing plant replacement and increasing the quality of your landscape investment!

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