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Benefits Of Having An Irrigation System for Businesses


Miami IrrigationThere are a number of benefits to having an irrigation system for the landscaping around your business. It saves time, money and water, is very convenient and leaves your landscaping looking great. The systems are also easy to install and maintain and can be designed to perfectly fit your landscaping needs.

When you water landscaping by hand, over 50% of the water is lost to evaporation and runoff. Automatic sprinkler systems can be designed to water the landscape at the ideal time of day and release the perfect amount of water to make your landscaping look its best. Many of the systems can be set to water your landscaping at night when there is less of a chance of evaporation.

One reason businesses like automatic irrigation systems is they save time. Without these systems people are forced to spend hours each day watering gardens, flowers and lawns. With automatic sprinkler systems you simply set a timer and the water automatically wets your plants and lawn at the appropriate time without the need for human assistance. Plus you can even go on vacation knowing your landscaping will be automatically watered at the appropriate time and look great when you return.

Another reason businesses choose automatic sprinkler systems to water their landscaping is to save money. Hiring a team to water your landscaping daily can be very expensive. Plus you can also lose a lot of money on wasted water. Automatic watering systems equipped with rain sensors can be programmed to produce only the exact amount of water needed at the time of day it will do the most good.

Saving water is another reason your business should use automating watering systems. These systems conserve water by making sure none of it is wasted. The irrigation systems can be designed to so that every drop of water is put in the proper place at the right time of day. This allows for the saving of between 30 and 50 percent of the water used by people who water the landscaping by hand.

Irrigation systems also improve plant growth and reduce weed growth. Are you interested in installing an irrigation system in your Miami business? Call Turf Management at 305-255-7000 and get started today!