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Homeowners in Miami that have gardens use different materials, either organic or man-made, to help keep the soil surface moist and protected from harsh weather. That material is called mulch. Mulch can also help give soil nutrients and prevent weeds from growing. Let us discuss the different ways that mulch used and different types of mulching material available.

When using mulch, the climate needs to be taken into consideration because there are different needs when the weather changes.Here are a few pointers for lawn Maintenance. In warmer weather, mulch is used to protect the soil surface from sunlight and some air and helps keep soil moist and cool, which in turn helps plant roots not get stressed by heat. When the climate becomes very cold, the mulch acts like a "blanket" and protects the ground from something called "heaving". When soil is exposed to extreme cold, the ground will expand and contract. When the ground changes like this, plants will be "heaved" or "thrown" out of the soil and will eventually die. Covering the soil with mulch gives much needed heaving protection.

Homeowners have several options when it comes to material that is used for mulch: compost, woodchips, peat moss or gravel. Compost is free and abundant if you own your compost pile. It adds nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. Woodchips can look neat and attractive. It will stay in place and is slow to decay. Peat moss can also used for decorative purposes and also acts as a soil amendment for conditioning the soil. Gravel provides heat in cooler climates and extends the growing season. These just some of the mulching materials used by gardeners or landscapers. Plastic and rubber are other materials used for mulching, but mostly for very large areas (such as large-scaled vegetable growing or playgrounds).

As well as enriching soil, preventing extreme weather conditions and disease from causing damage to gardens or landscape, mulch can also used for decorative purposes. The homeowner's garden or yard looks much better when the soil is covered with either wood chips, peat moss or gravel than when with the soil being uncovered and on display.

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