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Turf Management in Miami, FL is South Florida’s leading expert in lawn care and trees are no exception! Contact us at (786) 288-3745.Trees are an essential source of life. Dedicated arborists and horticulturists exist as knowledgeable specialists that offer different types of care in tree solutions, using a system known as the ANSI standard. Lawn care is tree specific, so knowing the differing needs of these plants will help any environment thrive.

Remove growth around the perimeter of a tree, erasing root competition. Replace the expanse with mulch, in which the organic kind supplies nutrients. Apply a three to four inch layer separate from the trunk to help insulate and hold water.

If a tree has just been planted, soak the ground with water to compact soil and reduce shock. Check the moisture level by trowelling a two inch crevice. If it is wet, don’t sweat. Also, fertilizing is not always necessary and is used for a standby supply where nutrients or trace elements are deficient. The right amount and type are central to the management of toxicity.
Utilize pruning, a method to reduce decay and damage. The technique depends on the season, and understanding the tree’s anatomy will help decide where to make cuts. Usually one should not take more than a quarter of a crown every season. Create branches that are a third smaller than the trunk at a ten or two o’clock angle.

Prevent chewing, boring and sucking insects that dominate trees with different kinds of pesticides, applying only as needed to avoid tolerance. Certain additions can also evade diseases like root rot and leaf spot, and are vital to keeping away bugs that survive on the trees and spread disease.

In cases of tree removal from weather, diseases or death, a couple of alternatives are transplantation, felling and burning the wood, or using the stump as a compost pile to speed decay. There are many services that help in tree removal and stump obliteration. A tree’s wealth depends on its health, so with these tips one can aid the Earth without becoming a professional.

If you think your home or business can benefit aesthetically from the addition of a few beautiful trees form our selection, give us a call. Turf Management in Miami, FL is South Florida’s leading expert in lawn care and trees are no exception! Contact us at (786) 288-3745.

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