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Home-Owning Landscaping Benefits


Miami LandscapingLandscaping, a Value-Packed Investment for Your Property

For now and the future, if you are wondering about investing money in landscaping for your home, you might want to consider the following important facts. Landscaping, tailored to fit your budget will increase the re-sale value of your home up-to and above 20%.

Think of the “first impression factor,” when a prospective buyer or realtor drives by they see an immaculate lawn or dry-landscape, with an eye-catching walkway. You have chosen plants and shrubs that reflect your passion. First impressions and lasting impressions are as important for your home as they are for a job interview.

Ugly Yard—Lower Home Value

When you are looking at whether you have a budget for landscaping of any kind, consider the next option: slightly dry lawn with flowers or shrubs that look like they emerged from a drought or flood. They are dreary and show a lack of concern on the part of the owner.

The encouraging truth is, even the smallest changes to your landscape in your front and backyard can improve curb appeal and your ability to enjoy the outside living-spaces your home offers.

Research your Plant-Scape!

Did you know that if you decide on a particular tree it could increase in value, and increase the value of your home? For instance, planting a red maple (make sure you have the proper climate and soil conditions) your initial cost: $244, a possible increase in value: $2,000!

There are so many options and styles you can choose for your landscape. Whether you like environmentally friendly plants, colorful flowers or greenery and trees that evoke thoughts of the tropics, the landscape possibilities are limitless!

Hire an Expert

LandscaperThinking about the next step? Begin the process by finding a landscape company and meet with them to discuss your landscape needs, plant, flower preferences, and budget. In the beginning stages, research plants and design styles and decide what type of landscaping suits you. During the planning meeting, your landscape company will have many ideas and options to discuss. Ask to see references and a portfolio of their recent work.

Is front yard privacy a key factor? There are many options for eye-pleasing shrubs, whether you prefer indigenous plants or lush flowers and trees, a skilled landscape company can advise you on the best options.

Looking for landscaping services? Call Turf Management today at (305) 255-7000 for quick and effective services in the Miami area.

When is the Best Time of Year to do a Landscape Installation?


Miami LandscapingEveryone wants their home to look beautiful. However, most people pay more attention to the internal beauty of their homes than they do to the external beauty. It is equally important for the external portion of the home to be beautiful. Landscaping is a crucial aspect of the external portion of a home. A home with a beautifully designed landscape is a beautiful home indeed. However, when people think of landscaping, one important question arises: When is the best time to perform a landscaping installation?

When Landscaping, Think Spring and Fall. 

If someone is considering a landscape installation around their home, they should try to have it done in either spring or fall. Why is this so? These seasons are typically known as the best planting seasons. In the fall, nursery plants are more dormant and are not as likely to destroy in the process of transporting them. Because they are dormant at this time, the roots have a lot of time to grow and become stable. Then, by spring and summer the plant will have been efficiently established and able to grow.

Landscaping InstallationWhen nursery plants are planted in the fall, they should be regularly watered throughout the winter months to ensure survival.

In addition, the added leaves and moisture associated with the fall are needed for a proper landscape installation. While this could certainly be achieved any time throughout the year, the abundance of this properties in the fall make landscape installation a lot easier.

Excessively rainy periods and excessively dry periods throughout the fall can make a landscape installation especially difficult. Because there are so many different climates, it is important to find what time of year works best for each climate.If plants are grown in the summer, an extremely dry time in most climates, special care must be given to the plants. It is essential that they be taken from the nurseries early, so that their roots are protected from drying out. Regular watering is even more necessary during this time and it is crucial that the plants be carefully and repeatedly examined during these hot, dry months.

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Reasons to Use Professional Landscaping Services


Miami LandscapingYards and entries are the first impression given when coming to a home. Well maintained, carefully manicured, and a impressively laid out yards create a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere for any home or business. Unfortunately the work required, as well as the understanding of area specific vegetation, and set up, makes for a difficult project. Fortunately landscaping businesses can take the worry and work away, and create a stunning outdoor layout that is perfect for the customer and area.

Getting The Work Done Right-The First Time

While we may be tempted to roll up our sleeves and tackle that landscaping project ourselves, too many times we hit a road block. Lack of the correct equipment, manpower, and time far too often nip those big aspirations in the bud. Landscapers do this for a living; they have the know how as well as tools and manpower to do the project without undo stress and work for the customer. Due to their vast experience they know exactly where to place the pond, or the location that would provide the best sunlight for the trees or flower bed. Not only can landscapers create that dream layout, they also are able to get in and get the job done. Customers simply state their needs, wants, and budget, and the company makes that dream into a reality.

Knowledge and Experience

LandscaperLandscapers have been there and done that in the area. Their vast experience with vegetation and layout is vital in ensuring the layout is not only stunning, but is also sustainable in the area. Certain flowers, plants, and trees may be beautiful, but will not thrive in the atmosphere. Landscapers can save costly replacements and mistakes by using experience to steer the consumer to the correct vegetation for the environment. They can build a yard that is not simply perfect this summer, but for summers to come. This saves money, time, stress, and work on part of the consumer; as well as ensuring that the work has been done by professionals who take pride in what they do.

Professional Landscapers Are The Only Way To Go

Landscaping businesses ensure the creation of the perfect, sustainable, and stunning yard or entry; that will continue to grow in beauty through the years. The work, time, stress, and costly mistakes can be avoided for consumers completely, when a professional business is hired. They can create that perfect atmosphere for any home or business that will truly leave a lasting impression without the hassle and work.

Need landscaping services in the Miami area? Call Turf Management at (305) 255-7000 today for quick and reliable services.  

What Are the Benefits of an In-Ground Sprinkler System?

Miami LandscapingEvery home with a lush yard needs a top of the line sprinkler system. Quite simply, if a home has a beautiful yard, the property value will be greatly increased. The same is true for those homes that have poorly kept yards. The property values will just go down. This is why it is very important for every homeowner to have a working sprinkler system in their home for those hot summer months. What type of sprinkler system is really going to be the best however? This is something that must be looked at by each individual, but many times in-ground sprinkler systems are hailed as the best sprinkler systems to install in a yard. Here in this article we will go over the different benefits of having an in-ground sprinkler system.

The first and probably most obvious benefit of having an in-ground sprinkler system is the ability to avoid damaging these sprinkler heads with lawn mowers. Repairing sprinkler heads can be a common and expensive thing to have to do when you do not have an in-ground sprinkler system installed in your yard. When you pay for a landscaping company to install an in-ground sprinkler system, you are making an investment on future maintenance. You may have to pay a bit more money up front, buy you will save a ton of money over the long run when it comes to your repairs.

In-Ground SprinklerAnother great benefit of having an in-ground sprinkler system is the aesthetic value. When you have sprinkler heads showing all over your yard, it just doesn't look as elegant and pretty as a yard that has an in-ground sprinkler system. By hiding these sprinkler heads, you will be able to truly have a beautiful yard that is not tainted by sprinkler heads above ground.

One of the great benefits of having an in-ground sprinkler system is the value that it will add to your property. Having an in-ground sprinkler system is a great selling point to anyone who is looking to purchase your home. You will find that it is easier to find potential buyers when you have added features to your home. This in-ground sprinkler system is a great benefit for anyone who will potentially be buying your home. When you are selling your home you will be able to play up the fact that you have a state of the art in-ground sprinkler system.

Looking to install an in-ground sprinkler system for your Miami home? Call Turf Management at (305) 255-7000 today for reliable services

The Benefits of Pressure Cleaning My Backyard


Pressure Cleaning Miami During the course of the year, certain elements are at work to transform your backyard from neat and clean to dirty and weathered. If neglected long enough, it can be a real challenge to keep up with the maintenance of the backyard. Here are just some of the benefits of pressure cleaning the back yard regularly.

A Safer Environment

Every time it rains, mold and bacteria begin to grow on your patio. This area can become slick from the green algae growing on the surface. Even when the weather is nice outside, that surface can remain slick, causing significant injury if you or a guest is not paying close attention to wear they are walking. Pressure washing the surface of the deck will remove all that growth and restore the original look of the patio area. That growth gives the appearance of neglect and appears weathered, power washing it will bring back the clean and bright surface beneath.

Restore the Fence

The fence can take a real beating during the course of the year. During severe weather, dirt splashes up and stains the surface, bird dropping can discolor the surface, and debris from trees can also help to weather the appearance of the fence. A pressure cleaning will remove any contaminants from the exterior of the fence quite easily. Stains and debris will easily wash away, leaving behind that original finish that helps to improve the appearance of your backyard area. Regardless if the fence is wood, metal, plastic, or PVC material, pressure cleaning will instantly give you back your beautiful fence.

The Walkway

Miami Pressure CleaningIf you have a walkway leading around the backyard to the patio area, chances are it has become quite dirty from the elements. Bird droppings easily stain the surface of the pathway and cause it to look weathered quite easily. Excessive rain will cause the growth of mold and that surface will be extremely slippery. This green like growth attacks stone, wood, and concrete, turning is an awful green color and making it slippery to the touch. A child can easily slip and become injured if they are running around the property. Pressure cleaning will remove the surface contaminants and give you back your backyard.

Pressure cleaning in the backyard is the easiest way to bring back the original look of your property. The high pressure water can quickly remove any contaminants on the roof, exterior of home, patio, walkways, fence, and even your patio equipment. If you see a buildup of mold and mildew, the pressure cleaning will make short work of removing it.

We want to make sure our Miami customers are happy, so leave the Pressure Cleaning up to Turf Management. Don’t delay and call (305) 255-7000 today!

The Benefits To Hiring A Landscape Designer


Landscape DesignerDriving up and into your driveway and seeing a beautiful front lawn is a pleasure as is looking out your back windows and seeing a pretty and functional back yard. Having gorgeous property is not only aesthetically pleasing but it can increase your home's worth by a large percentage. Hiring a landscape designer is the first step to getting the look you have dreamed of for your property while increasing the value of your home at the same time.

There are many reasons to hire a professional to design and landscape your yard.

First, A landscape designer will notice the pros and cons of your yard and come up with ideas that highlight the positive and downplay any negative aspects.

Second, a professional is trained to work with various geological features and they understand which plants grow best in which climates.

Landscape DesignerThird, your opinions and desires are important to a landscape designer. They will help you figure out how best to get what you want out of your property. The experience they bring to the table is invaluable. They have the knowledge and experience necessary for the job and will share with you which of your ideas are possible and within your budget.

Fourth, putting in a landscape is hard work. Digging, hauling dirt, laying bricks, planting and getting rid of yard waste is a laborious process. When you hire a landscape company that is taken care of for you. Inclement weather is usually not a problem which saves you from working in your yard when the weather is not ideal.

Fifth, a landscape design company will work within your budget. They usually work with home and garden suppliers so are able to get good deals on flowers, trees, shrubs, brick, and furniture. This enables you to get more for your buck.

Sixth, if you sign up for a seasonal plan after your initial landscape is put in, your yard can look great all year long. A landscape design company will know which plants work best for your property seasonally and will keep your yard looking healthy no matter what time of year it is.

The bottom line is that hiring a landscape company will give you a pretty yard all year long and also allows you the peace of mind regarding the work it takes to accomplish it.

Hire a professional landscape designer in the Miami area today! Call Turf Management at (305) 255-7000 for our top-notch services. 

Benefits of Hiring a Painting Contractor


Painting ContractorWhile it might be tempting to forego shelling out the capital for what may seem like a simple paint job, many landscapers have found out that hiring a painting contractor is well worth the initial investment. Here are 5 reasons why!

1. Professional Quality
A stellar paint job can transform a space from dump to Trump! Professional painters have the skill and experience to deliver top notch quality, as opposed to "do it yourself" quality.

2. Accurate Deadlines
Estimating deadlines accurately is a skill acquired over time and lots of experience. Often, what looks like it will be a simple paint job can be a lot more daunting than expected; especially if, for instance, the condition of the wall is imperfect and requires extra prep work or the work surface is in a hard to reach area and requires special tools or strenuous painting positions for prolonged periods.

Miami Painting

Painting contractors are able to gauge the time needed for job completion more accurately. And meeting deadlines is essential for building customer trust and scheduling jobs more seamlessly to promote steady workflow.

3. More Satisfied Customers
Aside from getting a more reliable estimation of the work duration, hiring a painting contractor helps keep the standard of quality consistent. And delivering professional quality on time means satisfying customers, which leads to further business and more referrals!

4. Building Networking Relationships
When it comes to building business relationships, one hand washes the other! Providing specialty work for other companies will inspire them to repay you when landscaping opportunities come their way!

5. Increased Bottom Line
Finally, hiring specialists such as painting contractors increases your bottom line! While it's possible to save money doing a particular job yourself, many successful landscaping business owners have found that having a policy of subcontracting or referring to painting contractors usually means more money at the end of the job. This is because professional painters are so proficient at their craft that they can do the job better, quicker, and for less money.

So, the next time your Miami home project involves painting, call Turf Management at (305) 255-7000.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Pest Control and Fertilization


Pest ControlWhen it comes to eradicating pests within the household, hiring a professional offers several benefits in comparison to controlling pest such as cockroaches, rodents and bed bugs on your own. Here are some reasons why.

1) Customized Plan 
No two pest infestation are identical. Based on the structure of your home, state that is in, surrounding environment and several other factors, the degree of infestation may be much more severe that what you can see up front. Meaning, you may assume that you have a small roach problem, when in fact there may be an entire colony that is hidden within the structure of your home. One of the benefits that you will receive from a professional pest control expert is the fact that they will evaluate your home and the extent of the infestation to determine what would be the best treatment solution for your particular circumstance.

2) Cost Effective 
While it may not seem that it would be cost effective if you went the route of hiring a professional, when you look at the potential damages that may be inflicted upon your home by these critters, you could end up spending more by trying to eliminate them by yourself. For example, if termites or carpenter ant colonies are left unchecked or aren't eradicated completely. They can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repair costs, as they eat away at the wooden foundation of your home and other valuable furniture.

Fertilization3) Landscape Restoration 
In some instances, you may have noticed that suddenly, more and more of the greenery around your home is dying off gradually. Another reason why you should consult a professional concerning pest control and fertilization services, is the fact that some bugs such as earwigs, gypsy moths and flea beetles, can infest the landscape surrounding your home and destroy the plants. By hiring a landscaping company, they can evaluate your landscape to determine the cause of the problem before coming up with a solution to eradicate the problem before they begin the process of restoring your landscape.

4) Health Hazard
Another reason why you should consider consulting a professional is the fact that you will be avoiding the risk of coming in contact with and acquiring a disease from a pest. Bee stings for example, can cause an allergic reaction to someone and in general no one can be sure if they are allergic to bee stings if they have never been stung before. And rats and cockroaches spread diseases as well, such as the deadly Hantavirus, E coli and Salmonella.

Looking for pest control and fertilization services in the Miami area? Call (305) 255-7000 today for quick and effective services from Turf Management professionals. 

Benefits of Installing a Proper Irrigation System


Irrigation SystemAn irrigation system helps to maintain all the plants, trees, flowers, and your grass on the property. A properly installed system can not only save you time, it can also help to beautify your properly at the same time. Here are just some of the benefits of installing a proper irrigation system.

When you hire a local landscaper to professionally install a new irrigation system, your lawn will instantly become much more healthier. The water can be controlled to treat your lawn at the ideal times of the day, reducing the growth of bacteria that can kill the root system of your entire lawn. When water is applied late evenings or overnight, that water lies on the surface of the grass longer and contributes to a whole variety of different problems. Homeowners who work all day and manually water the grass at night are actually hurting the lawn more than hurting it. With a new irrigation system, you set the system to water early mornings when it will reach the root systems more effectively, and you never have to spend a minute manually watering again.

Miami LandscapingAnother benefit of the irrigation system is trees, shrubs, and flower beds can also enjoy water each time the system is turned on. Your local landscaping professional can design the system so that water is sprayed on different areas of the property in addition to the grass. Flower beds and shrubs will receive a daily dose of water right where they need it most. This will encourage growth and provide just the right amount of water to keep them growing strong all year long. The landscaper can change out the sprinkler heads so they are stationary and mist the area, in contrast to the larger sprinkler heads that rotate and cover larger areas of the lawn.

Part of the irrigation system that can safe you money is the rain detection device installed on your home as part of the overall system. This little device measures how much rain has recently fallen, and will in fact turn off the water supply for that day if the level reads high enough. This will reduce your usage of water and allow the property to only get the appropriate amount of water it needs to grow and thrive. Over watering the lawn can lead to the growth of all types of fungus and bacteria, killing a healthy lawn very quickly. Your new irrigation system will eliminate all the headaches, making it simple to keep a stunning and beautiful lawn.

Are you in need of an irrigation system installation? Call Turf Management at (305) 255-7000 today for top-notch services in the Miami area. 

Benefits of Having a Brick Paver Installed


Brick PaverThere are very few items that can transform the look of your property for the better like brick pavers. They have the unique ability to give the property a look that is a refection of your personality while providing many benefits at the same time. They not only come in a large assortments of sizes, they come in colors that will surely match the color combination of your home decor. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a brick paver installed.

When your driveway was installed on the property, chances are it was concrete and has suffered over the years. The older the driveway gets, the harder the surface looks. Stains from trees, vehicles, and animals can really give that driveway a weathered look that is not appealing when you first pull up on the property. Chips, cracks, and stains are all apart of cement driveways that homeowners simply live with year after year. When you have a brick paver driveway installed, the entire look of the property changes for the better.

The first benefit of your new brick paver driveway is that any cracks or chips in the pavers can easily be fixed. Chances are you will have plenty of extra pavers when the job is complete, the perfect solution for when you need to replace one or two of the pavers due to damage. They simply need to be pried out of the ground and replaced with a new stone. The repair is quick and best of all no one will even notice a paver was removed and replaced.

The stains from birds or trees can easily be removed with an occasional power washing. Rather than having to do the entire concrete driveway to keep a consistent color, the brick paver driveway is a breeze to clean. Simply power wash the area that has stains and you will not even need to be concerned with the rest of the driveway. These pavers come in dark colors, so you will be able to remove any stains quite easily without leaving any trace of debris behind.

The brick paver driveway can also help to increase the curb appeal of your property in that no two driveways will ever look the same. These unique pavers are all one of a kind, and depending on the size or color, you could create a layout that is completely unique to any other in your entire neighborhood.

Looking for a brick paver installation in your Miami home? Call Turf Management at (305) 255-7000 for the best services around! 

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