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Benefits Of Having A Professional Trim Your Trees


Although homeowners often perform many landscaping tasks themselves to save money, tree pruning is one area of landscaping that you should hand off to a professional tree trimmer. Trimming, pruning or shaping trees yourself only cuts costs if you received training from a professional tree trimmer, or worked as a licensed and bonded tree trimmer at some point during your life. 

For starters, tree trimming is extremely dangerous. Simply put, you can get broken bones or a concussion, or even die, if you fall out of a tree. In the short term, you might save the costs associated with hiring a professional, but an ER visit and rehabilitation can quickly offset any savings. Additionally, a severe injury that doesn’t result in death can still change your life drastically forever if, for example, you become permanently paralyzed from a fall.

Additionally, a professional tree trimmer knows how to handle cutting tools to trim or cut down a tree in ways that prevent damage to your home or property. For example, you might cut down a tree for the first time and then watch in horror as it falls in the wrong direction and hits your home, garage, car or another person. This type of incident won’t happen with a professional trimmer.

Lastly, trees are like any other plant and need regular care beyond trimming of dead or unsightly branches, such as removal of insect, fungal or microorganism pests; and proper nutrient care. A professional trimmer is trained to assess the trees on your property and recognize the signs of insect damage, disease or malnutrition. A tree trimmer is also trained to know exactly how to treat issues quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Other benefits of using a local tree trimming service include stump removal and brush hauling and disposal. Do you need the help of a professional to help you trim your trees? Call Turf Management today at 305-255-7000!