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Thinking about an irrigation system for your home?


Keeping a lawn properly watered is crucial to maintain healthy grass. Homeowners with lawns can use a simple garden hose to water the grass. However, larger yards will be better served by an irrigation system. The use of an irrigation system for a yard provides many benefits.

Save Time: The use of an irrigation system is a big time saver for a homeowner who may not get home until late at night. Watering the yard may not be practical to go out at night to manually water the grass. A sprinkler will also not need to be moved every 10 to 20 minutes. This alone is a good reason to use an irrigation system to water a yard.

Save Money: The amount of water being used by a sprinkler system is regulated. Manually watering a yard or having a hose connected to a stationary sprinkler often uses more water than needed. This means a homeowner may actually be paying more for water when living in a city. Municipal utilities often have the cost of a sewer tied to water use. Irrigation systems that regulate water use will ensure utility charges will be at a sustained level.

Full Coverage: Manually watering a lawn is done one section at a time. Irrigation systems have multiple heads that are able to water the lawn all at once. This is not only efficient, but will eliminate dragging a house from one area of the yard to another.

Healthier Plants: Water from an irrigation system is sprayed lightly on plants and trees in a landscape. This allows water to soak into the ground and not wash away. Plants that soak up a smaller amount of water will be much healthier than drowning them with water from a garden hose.

Convenience: The irrigation systems in use at residential homes are programmable and adjustable. This will allow a homeowner to set a specific time to water the yard. This can be sometime in the morning, late at night, or anytime during the day. Irrigation systems are also able to water a lawn when a homeowner goes on a vacation.

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