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Advantages of irrigation systems


Miami IrrigationThere are many reasons why you should have an irrigation system installed. Plants are not that different from animals, in that they require consistent clean water to grow and flourish. In some States, due to drought, watering lawns and gardens is limited. There are looser regulations imposed on those with irrigation systems. This is because an irrigation system is time regulated and less water is wasted.

Even in hot, drought prone areas, a lawn should only be watered two or three days a week. This allows the grass to grow long strong roots. But, a lawn should be watered at night. This gives the lawn the best chance to absorb the water before it really begins to evaporate. Having an irrigation system makes this all so much easier. Set the timer and let it run.

Bordering plants, shrubs and trees can be watered with a drip system. Drip systems can be used nearly every day of the week, even in an area with water restrictions. With a drip system, no water is wasted. All of it goes to the plant. But again, plants should be watered at night. Who wants to stay up all night watering plants two or more days a week?

An irrigation system eliminates the need for anyone to set out sprinklers, and the need to move them around to get complete coverage. Your sprinklers can be set to water the lawn and shrubs in the middle of the night. There would be no need for anyone to be awake to monitor them.

In addition to the convenience and efficiency, an irrigation system conserves water and time and eliminates concern. The monthly water bill always increases in the summer, when you begin to water your lawn. If your water is automated, the summer water bill will go up but, it will not fluctuate from month to month. Knowing what your bills are going to be, is essential for those on a budget. Having an irrigation system will help insure that your lawn and garden remain beautiful all year long. While still setting your mind at ease.

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