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In today's world, people are become more environmentally conscious, and that is a great thing. One way in which people are trying to do this is with organic fertilizers. Traditional fertilizers are laden with harsh and harmful chemicals, unlike organic fertilizers which are all natural and quite beneficial.

Organic fertilizers are better than their synthetic counters because they release their nutrients at a more leisurely pace. This allows plants to revive nutrients only when they need them, not all at once, and crops can stay healthy and strong right until harvest time.

Food that is grown by using organic fertilizers are much better for the population than food grown using synthetic, chemical based fertilizers. This is because not all the chemicals gets washed off our food, and these trace amounts can cause problems over time, such as dangerous and deadly cancers.

Organic fertilizers can help farmers cut down on costs. Many times organic fertilizer can be made right on the farm - whether it be compost or cow manure, this type of fertilizer is readily available and much better on the farmer's wallet than synthetic fertilizers that have to be bought in store.

Organic fertilizers help keep the soil rich in nutrients, and is very beneficial for years to come. Synthetic fertilizers can actually harm soil quality over time, but organic fertilizers gradually increase the nutrient quality in the soil, meaning the farmer has to fertilize less and less each year, again, saving money.

Organic fertilizers also help create a fertile growing environment. Chemical fertilizers ruin soil and make it infertile and useless for growing crops, forcing the farmer to choose a different plot of land to grown on. Organic fertilizers help preserve the land so we aren't taken up valuable space unnecessarily.

Lastly, organic fertilizers are better for our environment. While chemical fertilizers leech harmful materials into the soil, sometimes running off into our water supply and harming us, these worries evaporate when organic fertilizers are used. No harmful chemicals are going into the ground, water, or air, when using organic fertilizers. Take the next step and go organic.

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