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Landscaping Ideas

Reasons To Hire a Professional Landscaper


Miami LandscapingThere is so much more to improving the look and feel of a home than simply keeping up with the look and feel on the inside of a home. In fact, it is just as important to keep up with the look of the property surrounding the home as it is to keep the inside looking decent.

There are many people who associate landscaping companies with simple lawn service businesses who keep the grass trimmed in an individual’s yard. This could not be further from the truth about just how much a great landscaper can do for any yard, big or small. Understanding the benefits of hiring a professional landscaper will ultimately answer the question of exactly why one should hire a professional landscaper to begin with.

A professional landscaper will provide the lawn care service that a lawn care business will provide homeowners. They will keep lawns mowed and looking sharp but they will take a simple looking lawn and transform it into a literal work of art. This is the primary difference between a professional landscaper and everyone else. A professional landscaper is an artist in his field of work.

When it comes to the limitations of a landscaper, it will vary. However, a professional landscaper will only be limited by his imagination and this is something that can be very appealing to a homeowner looking to turn their yard into a masterpiece. The final look and feel of an individual yard will more than likely differ from one yard to the next as there is so much that a professional landscaper can do when working their magic.

A few of the more basic tasks that a landscaper can accomplish would include creating gardens, placing shrubbery & trees, and creating actual designs in the lawns they maintain. A few of the more detailed tasks that a professional landscaper can accomplish would include building ponds and paths through larger gardens, building professional presentations out of the property surrounding a business, and performing complete landscape makeovers on yards that might be on the verge of catastrophe.

There are so many reasons why one should hire a professional landscaper while there are really no reasons why a professional landscaper shouldn’t be hired. Consider hiring a professional landscaper to turn your yard into the work of art that it was meant to be from the start.

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Benefits Of Hiring Professional Landscapers For Businesses


Miami LandscapingThe landscape surrounding a business is a representative entity of that business by simple association. A poorly maintained landscape reflects a negative overall image upon the business, while a well manicured landscape creates positive connotations and associations to that business. If you are a business owner, or someone who is generally interested in the variables that affect business traffic and the overall success of a business, then reference below to the benefits of hiring a professional landscaper.

The most apparent benefit of hiring a professional landscaper is seen in that your landscape surrounding your business will be well maintained. Having a well maintained surrounding area creates customer approval and sparks the manifestation of positive associations. Those positive associations transfer into higher customer satisfaction which in turn leads to more traffic to your business.

Aside from creating a pleasant image leading to more business, hiring a professional landscaper creates an ease of responsibility on the business owner. Contracting out your landscaping needs allows you as a business owner to focus more on daily operations and overall business success.

A final benefit seen with hiring professional landscapers for a business is a cognitive based one that manifests itself through the way of having personal satisfaction knowing that your landscape will be well taken care of and maintained. Hiring a professional translates into the agreement of paying one party for a provided service, so keeping that in mind there is satisfaction received in the assurance of the agreement. It is important to note that the service agreement also provides reliability of service at an assumed pre-defined level of quality of care.

Overall, if you are a business owner and are looking to better your overall image, while increasing customer flow and satisfaction, then check into the aforementioned benefits of hiring a professional landscaper.

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How Landscape Lighting Brightens Up Your Home


Miami LandscaperBrighten up your outdoors with landscape light fixtures. There are so many different ways you can light your gardens and pathways. You can get as creative as you would like. There are three main, basic reasons one chooses to have landscape lighting. These reasons are safety, security and beauty.

Many choose to light walkways and porches. The reason being is because you will obviously need to see where you are walking. It is also safer, so you will not fall or stumble on anything and possibly suffer from injury. Lighting your pathways helps your guests who are unfamiliar with your home as well. This way they do not have to worry about tripping on anything. It gives them a sense of security when walking up to your door. Spot lights or accent lights are best when lighting pathways. These light fixtures can point downwards or in a particular spot to brighten it up. This is especially important if you have a stairs to walk up to your door.

If your home is well lit and bright, if lessens your chance of a break in. Many intruders will not try to break in to any home that is well lit. They will be to scared of being easily seen by others. This is a important reason as well to brighten up your home. It provides extra protection and security to your family, knowing that they are safe.

Of course, the best part about lighting your home is the beauty of it all. The way it makes your home look in the night time hours. Imagine your home being the only one lit up in the neighborhood. This is especially good if you are trying to sell. All eyes will be on your well lit home. It will be beautiful. A low voltage light is best when lighting your outdoors. It is best to put this light fixture pointed to your garden and large deck area, this light is bright but not to overwhelming, which is fantastic. 

Don't think that illuminating your outdoors is just for the summer time. It is also beautiful during the winter months as well. The lights shining onto the snow is very pretty as well. It will give your home a warm atmosphere, that is very inviting during the long winter nights. 

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Need to have your lawn fertilized?


Miami Lawn FertilizerIf you are looking to improve upon the look of your lawn there is nothing better than the professional touch of a professional landscaper. This landscaper is going to truly turn the look of your lawn around, so not only will you rid yourself of weeds and other problem areas, but you will also have the prize lawn of the neighborhood. While it is possible to do some general maintenance on the lawn, it is important to bring in a professional in order to have it landscaped and fertilized. If you try to fertilize the lawn on your own, you might end up doing more harm than good, which is exactly why you need to have a reputable, professional individual come in and do it for you.

It is very easy to cause more damage to your lawn than anything else when fertilizing it. There are all sorts of different chemicals around in different fertilizers that you need to know what the difference is. Some fertilizers are just for lawn, while others kill weeds. Some kill everything, while others are not safe for pets and animals. These are all areas you need to know about, and if you do not have experience with landscaping and fertilizing on your own, chances are you are going to struggle with selecting the right kind, which might cause some serious health problems for your favorite pet and even small children. However, on top of this, there are issues with store bought fertilizer, which is why you need to see what the professional is able to obtain.

The material and products a professional landscaper is going to come up with is often different from what you find at the stores. Stores are only going to have a few different options, most of which are from one or two service providers. Instead, the professional landscaper is able to find something that works better for your lawn and the specifics of your lawn. This way, you can rest assured as to the quality of the work and know it is going to work out in the end, no matter the kind of lawn you have.

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Landscape lighting makes a huge difference


Landscape lighting can be used for much more than just illuminating entrances so you don't fumble with your keys at the door. Unfortunately most homeowners only employ outside lighting for their porches. Good lighting and lighting techniques can also be an element of your landscaping itself and not just in warm summer months either, but all year round. Not only do outdoor lights provide additional safety, they can also create a hospitable and warm atmosphere. Take advantage of your lawn spaces and patios at night rather than restricting your enjoyment of nature to the daylight hours. Showcase your garden even after the sun goes down.

Subtle lights are good for establishing aesthetic spaces. Low-voltage, ambient lighting is excellent for highlighting nighttime flowers and also good for lighting large decks without being overwhelming. These same lights can also make your home look substantially more inviting during winter. Accent lights used to showcase your lawn in the summer can make a dreary winter home look great with snow on the ground as well. Your home should not look dreary just because it is cold out, use lighting to brighten up the appearance.

Lighting fixtures can be easily used to guide the eyes of the viewer to certain parts of your home or lawn. Spotlights, up lights or accent lights placed under ornamental tree specimens will create a dramatic evening show. Wall lights such as sconces come in every style to match your home and there are even decorative lanterns for gates. If thoughtfully positioned, lighting can even make your yard look larger. You should also of course pay attention to any pathways and stairs onto porches and decks. Path lights are lights that aim downward and are specifically designed for walkways. There are as many options for exterior lights as there are for interior ones, so you shouldn't let your home and lawn be wasted at night.

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Professional Landscaping for Businesses


Hiring a professional landscaper for a business is the best choice in creating a new landscape or refurbishing an older existing one. If the businesses building is the jewel, then its landscaping is the setting for the jewel. An expertly executed landscaping job sets the tone for professionalism and gives a great first impression. Both natural and synthetic additions can be beautifully blended to create a gorgeous effect.

New Landscaping: A newly constructed business on an empty piece of property offers endless possibilities in the design and function of the area's grounds. Starting from a clean slate can be overwhelming though. Professional companies can offer businesses numerous landscape plans to beautify the property. They also offer expertise in horticulture and are able to correctly choose the right plants for any given area.

Refurbishing: Sometimes a new or existing business is left with overgrown, unbalanced or a dying landscape. Professionals can make the most of the healthy plants that remain around the building and refresh the grounds by added new plants or changing pathways and mulch. This is a good economical choice for the customer who doesn't wish to commit to an expansive and expensive overhaul of the property.

Maintenance: Landscaping services not only provide expert installation that gives any business a professional flair, but can be contracted to maintain the property. After the new plants and design are installed, the professionals can be contracted to maintain the grounds. The hassle of mowing,fertilizing, pruning, mulching and replacing listless plants can be relieved from the responsibilities of the busy company owner.

Expert landscaping services are essential for the business who strives to present itself as a professional operation. Landscapers can provide the best design options for the property and will also maintain the grounds after the installation is complete. The finished result will give a beautiful, positive, and long-lasting impression.

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Landscape lighting will make a huge difference


You have a beautiful home, have put a lot of time and effort into the landscaping, and now are wondering what final touches are needed. Effective landscape lighting will add beauty and style to any home.

The following are some ideas for using various types of lighting to make your home even more attractive and inviting.Walkways and driveways are obvious places to arrange landscape lighting. This makes any home more inviting in the evening and provides clearly lit paths for driving and walking. By placing the lights at varying distances into the garden or yard areas you will be able to highlight the sections that are most appealing. Placement along the paths is crucial. You don't want to overdo it. Adding enough light to guide the eye and highlight the beauty of your landscape is just right. Place ground lamps around your most interesting plants and flowers. This highlights exotic colors and textures in the yard and garden.

When lighting the outside of your home be sure to light a few objects in front of the house to give it a three-dimensional look. Just lighting the house will cause the home to appear flat and bland. Use a combination of up and down lights to create an interesting mix of shadows and silhouettes. You may have to adjust the lighting several times to find the look that best compliments your home. Make sure to pay special attention to front doors on the home as well.

For more dramatic looks consider artificial moonlight and water fixture lighting. Placing lights high in trees and hidden from view gives the illusion of moonlight. This is a simple but effective way to create gorgeous landscape lighting in the evening. Lighting waterfalls and other water features from under and within the water creates a dramatic atmosphere. Whether you use wall fixtures, ground lighting, or lamps along walkways and drives, be sure to keep the lights properly cleaned and maintained for the best results.

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Reasons for landscape lighting

Safety, security and resale value are only a few reasons to consider landscape lighting. The true beauty of landscape lighting can only be seen at night, but even in daylight the practicality of the plan can be seen. Outdoor lighting also means lower power bills. It means saving money on homeowner's insurance. Certain types of outdoor lighting use very little energy, making these lights a environmentally friendly choice. That will net homeowners much savings in power and tax credits.

Ways and Means

Uplighting and downlighting the premises focuses light on specific points of interest. Uplighting against windows and doors, for example, deters robbers. The family can see out the windows but because of the glare no one can see inside. Robbers won't go where they risk being seen.

Uplighting and downlighting trees, bushes and flower beds highlights improvements to the property in addition to casting a romantic glow over the foliage. Highlighting fountains, ponds and waterfalls adds to the romance.

Decks, Patios and Outdoor Kitchens

Upgrading a home to include a deck, patio, pergola or outdoor kitchen wouldn't be complete without shedding light on the subject. Keep the walkways and stairs safe with outdoor lighting. Strategically placed lights will open the deck, patio, outdoor kitchen and yard to guests at parties or family get-togethers. Showcasing the beauty of flowers and waterfalls at night will thrill guests and entrance potential buyers in the event homeowners want to sell the house.


If innovations on the property need to be seen and appreciated, landscape lighting would be the answer. Focus specialty lighting on hand-built stone paths through stunning flower gardens, highlighting natural grottoes or focusing on cascading waterfalls. Share the beauty with others by casting it in the perfect light.


Understated but beautiful lighting will highlight the pool and spa. Swimming at night used to involve the floodlights and watching, envious neighbors. Now homeowners can swim in comfort, enjoying the beauty of water in the starlight, ably accompanied by subtle downlights.

While the safety, security and savings of landscape lighting appeal to everyone, the beauty of the lights lie in the night, beautifully subtle.

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Tips for painting your home

Trends for painting the exterior of your home in order to prepare it for spring largely depends on the location that your home was built on and the type of material it is constructed from. For example, if your home is located in an area such as a coastal region the climate dictates that you choose paints that are durable and able to hold up well under the conditions. Choosing the right paint will make your job much easier. Moreover, applying the right paint to your home will allow you to enjoy the appearance of your home for years to come. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the type of paint that you will use when it is time to paint the exterior of your home.

Paint comes in virtually any color that you can imagine. One of the biggest factors that dictates popular colors for home exteriors is the region in which you live. Homes which are located in coastal regions tend to be painted certain colors, often involving the colors gray, white or blue. Conversely, homes that are located in dryer regions are typically painted more earthy colors, such as browns, creams and beiges. Once you have decided on the perfect color for the exterior of your home your next step will be to determine which kind of paint will provide you with the best value. Remember that while monetary cost does not necessarily equal quality, you also typically get what you pay for. While you do not have to go out and buy the most expensive paint available on the market, you will also be doing yourself a favor if you do not choose the cheapest paint on the market. Choosing a quality paint that is within your budget allows you to cover your home with fewer coats of paint and still achieve the desired results. Using a higher quality paint also means that you are not likely to have to repaint as quickly as you would if you were to use an economy paint.

Painting your home is one of the most effective ways to get it ready for spring. Not only does a fresh coat of paint make your home look better, it also helps the home to weather the effects of the elements more readily.

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If you are interested in residential lawn care from a recognized local expert, contact Turf Management at (305) 255-7000 in Miami, FL. We offer affordable prices and premium care.If you're a South Florida resident, you have probably seen what wrath the wet seasons can bring upon the homes in the area. We are relatively low in the water table and our underground foundations of limestone tend to sop up too much of the water before we are totally overrun by flooding, but we are still subject to the dreadful harm of debris damage. For this reason, we have storm shutters and hurricane windows installed but what about our lawns and backyards which hold our trees and plants. Without proper care of these, we face even higher risks of debris damage from loose branches or fallen trees. Proper maintenance of your residence's lawn is essential to being safe in the upcoming Florida summer and eventually the storming season.

Of course lawn care is a very varying field of expertise. In fact, each residential lawn we are asked to service often has their own individual differences which require differing sets of skills. So then, to what extent is it necessary to hire a residential lawn care service provider over doing the work yourself? This is a tough question because, as said previously, everyone's lawn in different. Some of us have huge homes with many large northern trees and several gardens to boot. Then there are those with smaller homes which only support a few fruit-bearing trees and bushes with a few palm trees as decoration. Indeed for some, it may seem much more profitable to purchase a few DIY tools and take care of any lawn care concerns on their own. The only way to know for sure is to take a look at your spare time, what your needs are, and how much you know about agricultural care.

What is on your lawn?
This is the first question you should ask of yourself before hiring a local expert on the subject. What types of plants do you own and to what extent do they threaten your home in the event of a storm or catastrophe. If your lawn holds several large trees with extraneous branches, then you must consider having these branches clipped or removed every season. If you have smaller trees which have low-lying roots, then these trees should be secured to the ground in case a storm blows it up off its roots and into your home. Sometimes you will have other specific situations which require the advice of your trusted local lawn care expert.

How much can you do on your own?
We are all most likely used to a seasonal leaf-raking and lawn cleaning. Some us might even have trimmers, or telescoping branch cutters for some DIY care. However, there is a concern for time and ability. Some are simply too busy each day for time to maintain the lawn over other concerns so it flies by the wayside until problems start to develop. In addition, sometimes the trees are too tall or cumbersome to manage on your own without specialized equipment. Most of our service calls deal with situations which would not be safe to handle without our machinery and trained service providers.

How much do you know?
There have been cases where people applied chemicals and improper techniques which put them or their lawns in danger. It only takes one time for a serious injury to take place where you might need poison-exposure treatment or surgery from an accident with a tool. If you aren't sure about certain components of lawn care, you should perform adequate research beforehand or call your local lawn care expert.

Proper lawn care will result in safer and cleaner living. It can be aesthetically and functionally beneficial to prioritize lawn maintenance. If you are interested in residential lawn care from a recognized local expert, contact Turf Management at (305) 255-7000 in Miami, FL. We offer affordable prices and premium care.