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Your landscaping design should be an extension of your home. It should compliment the style and size of your house, and, your selection of chairs should compliment the size and style of your landscaping. Before purchasing your chairs, you need to consider the landscape elements on your property. These elements are trees, bushes, rocks, ponds, flower beds, pools, and outdoor fireplaces. Your placement of chairs must work together with these elements for successful landscaping. For successful landscaping design, your combination of chairs and landscape elements should compliment each other and have a sense of unity.

Creating an equal balance between elements will unify your design. Landscapers use two different types of balance when they design a space. Symmetrical balance has all elements equally spaced and matched in color and style. Asymmetrical balance uses random placements of elements. In asymmetrical balance, a landscape will have a mixture of different shapes, textures, colors, and number of items grouped together to create unity. This is more complex than using symmetrical balance where the same style, shape, and color of chairs are used to create a near mirror-image.

Consistency or repetition of the landscape elements and chairs will create a cohesive furniture setting in your landscape. You can develop consistency with your chairs through the use of style, color, and shape. Colonial style homes look better with wrought iron furniture, while a modern style house is complimented with modern or contemporary style furniture. Creating consistency with your chairs and landscape elements will help pull your landscape design together. You can also achieve consistency by using a theme through the combination of landscape elements and chairs. An Asian theme is a good selection for a yard with a small concrete pond.

Keeping your chair settings simple will create an orderly landscape. And, using fewer chairs, based on your needs and size of your area, will keep your landscape looking less cluttered. Chairs with clean lines, such as modern or contemporary, look visually smaller and make a setting look less cluttered and more upscale. Chair cushions in light pastel colors will also make your chair arrangement look less busy. If you are creating an area for relaxation, simplicity of form and color is essential.

A backyard is more private than a front yard. It is a place for entertainment, relaxing, and privacy. Your landscaping design and selection of chairs should suit your particular needs, and, compliment the style of your house and the layout of your yard.

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