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Curb Appeal with Landscape Lighting Miami ContractorThere are those who call painting the art of recording light. If you want your property to be as pretty as a picture, the only way to do it is to put light throughout the design. The beautiful light of sunrise or dusk can show the best side of your land, and the harsh light of midday reveals everything. At night, it is entirely up to you. You can accentuate the best features of your home, and even hide the negatives, with the proper landscape lighting.

For example, if you have a tree or a topiary feature that you are particularly proud of, why not call attention to it with a spotlight? Your curb appeal can skyrocket with a few well-placed landscape lights. It does not have to be difficult to get started, either. Low wattage lights are easily available, and often have integral solar panels so that you do not even have to run an electrical line from the house to the light. It is very simple to place them and rearrange them until you get exactly the artistic effect you are looking for. In fact, they can be an excellent way to make a "rough draft" of your landscape lighting. Those big lights and the underground power lines that they require can wait until everything is just right.

It is important to remember that landscape lighting has different principles than the techniques you would use to enhance the look of how people look in certain lighting, for example. People look great when they are lit from above, but when the light comes from below they can look odd. Trees are exactly the opposite. Large overhead floodlights give the appearance of a utilitarian environment, like a public park. Discreet, powerful spotlights on individual trees and features enhance their natural appeal and provide points of interest for the eye at night. Light looks absolutely beautiful when it is caught by the branches and leaves of a tree at night. Preserve this subtle effect with targeted lighting, instead of washing them out with area lighting. Remember that the eye loves to look at a light through the trees at night. Always consider the color of your lighting. Yellowish lights, like sodium bulbs, make foliage look black. Green light, on the other hand, can have such a saturated and bright effect that it can almost look cartoonish. This can be eye-catching, but only for certain houses will it actually enhance the curb appeal. Subtlety and discretion are the keywords for most homes.

Let us set the right mood and create a spectacular curb appeal with just the right lighting for your Miami home.  Contact Turf Management today at 305-255-7000. Our experienced and talented landscape lighting specialists will help you enhance the look of your home's exterior for your landscape design project.