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Miami, Exterior home PaintingPainting the exterior of your miami home can be approached in different ways; from discovering a new and exciting color to reapplying the preferred dependable color you've been using for years. Painting the exterior of your home can make a difference. Your choice can make your home stand out in the neighborhood or blend it in seamlessly, but either way, it should be something you simply love.

Most exteriors are covered in muted or laid-back colors, but that doesn't mean your choice has to be boring. Quite the opposite is true for most homes, especially if you splash on contrasting or complementary shades to shutters and doors or yard ornaments such as benches, gazebos or wishing wells. This will change the dynamics of the color and design to something straight out of a magazine.

Although white is a highly versatile and traditional choice, softly rich colors in quiet shades are currently very popular. They offer distinction with a cozy understated effect that gives your house a uniqueness without audacity. A hazy light-green or dark beige is trendy, and both colors easily coordinate with rich accents for stunning effects. Deep brown paired with a rich red will create a striking yet classic look, perfect for a rustic or wooded area. Gray mixed with black or white will change the geometric impression of your home with a very modern statement, while different shades of blue highlighted with near-white will present a traditional quaintness.

Since your home is your castle, it's important that your choices in exterior design reflect who you are and what your personal preferences are. The possibilities are virtually endless, even with a plain painting surface, bare of decorative things like shutters and trim. Add such accessories and your home becomes a blank canvas upon which you can create a unique picture-perfect haven.

If you intend to paint your home's exterior by yourself, be sure to become well-versed in the various elements and tools of the job so that your endeavor is a success. Mistakes can be costly and frustrating, so if it becomes overwhelming, ask a professional for help. Also, involve friends and family in the process to not only make life easier on you, but to solicit opinions and advice as well. Upon completion, your home should have a professional finish and a look and feel to it that is all your own.

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