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The property market is in deep quagmire, and homeowners entirely discount the notion of moving. Many are asking how to achieve that 'new home' feel without actually moving to a new home. The answer is surprisingly simple, bring the indoors out. Most people neglect outdoor spaces, focusing instead on creating beautiful interiors as they think this is where most time will be spent. This is not necessarily the case. Current modern landscape trends are a buzz, with ideas on creating the perfect outdoor room.

The get the look, follow the maxim 'sleek is chic.' The essence of modern landscape design is minimalism. The romantic exuberance of the rustic English and Tuscan gardens is replaced with arresting angles and crisp lines. Overstuffed flowerbeds and sumptuous lawns are superseded by hardscaping, such as decks, patios and planters. Select materials like concrete, polished granite and metal for their unique textural characteristics. Busy bougainvilleas, fussy fuchsias and resplendent roses must be forsaken for large-leafed palms or agaves which contribute striking silhouettes. Prioritize the plant's architectural and functional qualities over its ability to impress. Lush bamboo screens can be planted to provide structure and privacy. Ornamental grasses can be used with restraint to soften hard lines.

The sparse serenity of a modern landscaped garden makes it very easy to maintain, and it can be utilized all year round. The very nature of the materials used, mean they are durable and upkeep is nominal. Tedious summer hours spent mowing lawns and trimming unruly bushes are dispensed with. The barren desolation of winter gardens, when plants have expired, no longer applies. This functional landscaping, effectively creates another room, supplementing the inside space. Outdoor dining areas are easily created with contemporary patio furniture, but why not go further? Outdoor kitchens, simple or elaborate, with fire pits and alfresco wood-fired ovens generate cozy warmth on chilly winter evenings. Snug living spaces are ingeniously fashioned with outdoor rugs, wall hangings, candles and even curtains. To make a seamless transition to the outside, follow the theme of the house's interior and employ similar colour schemes and accessories. Conjure up an amicable ambience with soft lighting from lanterns and subtle spotlights, positioned to highlight intriguing forms.

There's no need to move to get that new house feel. Put into practice these modern landscape principles to add an outdoor room to your home, radically transforming any house. Better still, when the property market does finally revive, the value of the house will be significantly increased.