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When is the Best Time of Year to do a Landscape Installation?


Miami LandscapingEveryone wants their home to look beautiful. However, most people pay more attention to the internal beauty of their homes than they do to the external beauty. It is equally important for the external portion of the home to be beautiful. Landscaping is a crucial aspect of the external portion of a home. A home with a beautifully designed landscape is a beautiful home indeed. However, when people think of landscaping, one important question arises: When is the best time to perform a landscaping installation?

When Landscaping, Think Spring and Fall. 

If someone is considering a landscape installation around their home, they should try to have it done in either spring or fall. Why is this so? These seasons are typically known as the best planting seasons. In the fall, nursery plants are more dormant and are not as likely to destroy in the process of transporting them. Because they are dormant at this time, the roots have a lot of time to grow and become stable. Then, by spring and summer the plant will have been efficiently established and able to grow.

Landscaping InstallationWhen nursery plants are planted in the fall, they should be regularly watered throughout the winter months to ensure survival.

In addition, the added leaves and moisture associated with the fall are needed for a proper landscape installation. While this could certainly be achieved any time throughout the year, the abundance of this properties in the fall make landscape installation a lot easier.

Excessively rainy periods and excessively dry periods throughout the fall can make a landscape installation especially difficult. Because there are so many different climates, it is important to find what time of year works best for each climate.If plants are grown in the summer, an extremely dry time in most climates, special care must be given to the plants. It is essential that they be taken from the nurseries early, so that their roots are protected from drying out. Regular watering is even more necessary during this time and it is crucial that the plants be carefully and repeatedly examined during these hot, dry months.

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