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Summer is definitely over and yes, the holiday season is right around the corner. But, gasp! You look at the outside of your Miami home and yes, all those plans of getting it re-painted – hopefully before the holidays - must have simply slipped your mind. 

What are the benefits of getting your home repainted before the holidays? Well, of course for aesthetic reasons, you’d want your home to look all glam and fab for the holidays. Family and friends are most likely going to come and visit, so you’d definitely want to give your home a new and homely appearance. And more importantly, remember that paint acts as a protection against the elements. Some paints are even specifically formulated to help your home against the chill, especially during this season.

And while it is definitely better to have had given your house a fresh coat of paint much earlier, it’s not yet too late. Painting, especially exterior painting is generally a time-consuming home improvement project. Don’t despair though! With the right planning and preparations, these remaining weeks are more than enough time to give your house that much needed lift.

So how do you exactly go about the initial planning and prep work? First, determine if there is anything that needs fixing prior to painting. Broken window sills, rotting sidings, door trims, and the like should be fixed before you begin the actual painting. Most home restoration companies can do it for you if you don’t want to deal with it yourself, especially if you see that the repair needed is quite a significant one.

Giving your house a fresh paint is also a good time to consider if you want to change the color of your home. A new color can definitely give your home an updated appearance. But of course, you should take into consideration if your colors will fit and complement your home and your neighborhood as well. Make sure you pick a color that will blend and complement your style as well as your surroundings.

Decide also on the kind of technique that you want to be used on your home. Hand brushing and spray painting are the most common. Spray painting is faster and more inexpensive, but is also much thinner compare to hand brushing. Hand brushing gives a thicker coat, thus penetrating into the wood deeper and provides better protection from water penetration and other weather conditions.

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