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Healthy Lawn Care Tips

Healthy GrassIn temperate climates it can be difficult to maintain a green yard throughout most of the year due to the drastic weather changes that occur. However, with a little preparation and know how, it's quite possible to keep any lawn looking healthy for the duration of the year. Keep reading to find out how to keep any yard looking like it's tended daily.


There are several helpful tips when it comes to fertilizer. First and foremost, don't fertilize any lawn repeatedly. It simply won't help, in fact it will more than likely just cause the yard to grow rapidly as well as make the grass and plants more likely to get diseased or infested with bugs. Once a year in the fall is enough to keep the lawn properly fertilized.

Keep Grass Longer

Everybody cuts the grass low but the best way to keep any lawn healthy is by using one of the taller setting on the mower and letting the grass stay longer on average. Doing this will keep the soil cooler and make it so that weeds won't grow through. It will also help soil microbes to spread. This will also encourage grass to grow where it's thinner.

Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides

Never use any of these since they will kill bugs that help keep soil healthy. By using the other tips in this plan grass will stay healthier and none of these killer chemicals will be needed.

Water Properly

Even when the plant that's visible above ground becomes brown, it doesn't mean the roots are dead. It's better to water the yard infrequently but deeply than just a little bit every day. Run sprinklers or water them for an hour at a time every week or two. The roots will grow once the ground beneath them gets wet and the excess water will begin returning to the surface when the soil begins to dry.

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