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Keeping Your Lawn Looking Good


Many home owners face the same challenges and struggles when it comes to maintaining and keeping their lawns beautiful and healthy. There are many myths about how to care for lawns, but for the most part they led to a lot of confusion and bad results. Keeping lawns looking good is relatively simple and one of the first places to start is with frequent mowing using sharp blades. Doing this forces the grass to grow thicker and also assists with keeping out unwanted weeds as well. Cutting lawns to about a 3-inch height is also a benefit. Leaving grass high forces its roots to grow deeper and if grass is cut to short, it grows faster than it should.

Allowing the grass clippings to remain in the lawn is another step to take. The clippings serve as fertilizer and reduce the need to do a lot of excess bagging, saving the home owner time. Overwatering should be avoided because excess water builds thatch in the lawn. Don’t mow the yard when the grass is wet either because it packs down the soil so the roots can't breathe causing it to die. Lawns should be watered deeply and monitored closely to determine when more is required.

The best time of day to water is in the morning before the sun comes out, which will evaporate the water faster. If any outside fertilizer is used, be sure to not overdo it and stay consistent with one type and don’t mix them. Use fertilizer when the growing season is active in the spring and fall. Also, when the summer months come around, mowing can be reduced because grass will grow slower during that time. If the number of weeds present is low, they can be pulled by hand, but if help is needed to control weeds, home owners can use either a pre or post-emergent herbicide. Home owners can achieve beautiful and healthy lawns that look like golf courses just by keeping it simple, staying consistent and following a few basic steps.

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