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How To Keep Your Grass Healthy


Miami LandscaperA healthy expanse of emerald green lawn is one of the most pleasing outdoor accessories that a home can have. Besides providing abundant aesthetic appeal, a healthy lawn offers a place for humans and pets a place to play and enjoy the outdoors. The type of lawn that 's best for your household will depend on its intended uses. If you want a soft, vibrant green carpet as a showcase for flower beds and specimen plantings, for instance, your lawn needs will be different than those of your neighbor who wants an attractive-yet-durable surface for touch football, volleyball and badminton games.

The first step to a healthy law is choosing the right type of grass -- most people don't realize that there are several different kinds. A lawn care professional is the best source of information concerning what kind of grass is best suited for your intended purposes.

The second step in keeping a lawn healthy is knowing how and when to water. With many modern homeowners concerned about water conservation, proper lawn hydration procedures are essential. Most people overwater their lawns -- on average, only one inch per week is needed. Lawns also have to be mowed consistently and evenly for them to look and function their best.

Weed control is one of the basic chores associated with maintaining an attractive lawn. Healthy lawns need less weed control because they provide fewer opportunities for weeds to sprout because don't bare patches of ground. Nonetheless, even a good, thick thatch of lawn will require the use of weed prevention and control strategies at times.

Aeration is also a component in successful lawn maintenance, and this is an activity best performed by a professional service because improper aeration procedures can actually harm the lawn. As its name implies, lawn aeration helps the grass to "breathe." Foot traffic and precipitation often cause the soil under the lawn to become compacted, and this can stifle root growth to a significant extent. Lawns are best aerated using specialized equipment and knowledge.

Keeping grass healthy is a year-round job that involves many techniques and practices. Are you looking to keep your grass green and beautiful? Call Turf Management at 305-255-7000 and let us help you out!