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Reducing Outages by Trimming Trees


Tree TrimmingIf you live in a somewhat wooded area that might be prone to some pretty fierce storms, then you've likely had the unpleasant experience of suffering through debilitating power outages. What many people don't know is that these power outages can easily be significantly reduced if not completely eliminated altogether.

When tree branches closely surround the power wires around your house, it is extremely important to monitor both the growth and movement of these branches, especially when the wind picks up outside. By being proactive in monitoring branch growth and movement, you can easily identify which branches might need to be trimmed back or removed altogether. By hiring a tree trimming service, you are reducing or eliminating the chance that the wind from a storm will blow these branches into the wires, potentially damaging or destroying them. One strong gust of wind could be the deciding factor as to whether your power goes out or stays on during a storm. Keeping the power on can be crucial to survival, especially if the storm turns out to be a severe blizzard.

While it is obvious that not everyone has the knowledge of the process to trimming or completely removing branches, your best bet would be to call your local landscaping company to assess and take care of the job for you. Landscapers have a vast knowledge of all different types of trees, including how fast they grow, the direction they grow in, and how damaging they can be around an area containing wires.

It is best not to wait until the day before a dangerous storm strikes to consider having your branches trimmed back. This type of maintenance should be a normal part of your home upkeep so that you will be sure to maintain a calm peace of mind the next time a windy storm rips through your area. Your local landscaper should be able to schedule routine maintenance on your trees and branches every few months to ensure your safety during any upcoming storms.

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