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Landscape lighting makes a huge difference


Landscape lighting can be used for much more than just illuminating entrances so you don't fumble with your keys at the door. Unfortunately most homeowners only employ outside lighting for their porches. Good lighting and lighting techniques can also be an element of your landscaping itself and not just in warm summer months either, but all year round. Not only do outdoor lights provide additional safety, they can also create a hospitable and warm atmosphere. Take advantage of your lawn spaces and patios at night rather than restricting your enjoyment of nature to the daylight hours. Showcase your garden even after the sun goes down.

Subtle lights are good for establishing aesthetic spaces. Low-voltage, ambient lighting is excellent for highlighting nighttime flowers and also good for lighting large decks without being overwhelming. These same lights can also make your home look substantially more inviting during winter. Accent lights used to showcase your lawn in the summer can make a dreary winter home look great with snow on the ground as well. Your home should not look dreary just because it is cold out, use lighting to brighten up the appearance.

Lighting fixtures can be easily used to guide the eyes of the viewer to certain parts of your home or lawn. Spotlights, up lights or accent lights placed under ornamental tree specimens will create a dramatic evening show. Wall lights such as sconces come in every style to match your home and there are even decorative lanterns for gates. If thoughtfully positioned, lighting can even make your yard look larger. You should also of course pay attention to any pathways and stairs onto porches and decks. Path lights are lights that aim downward and are specifically designed for walkways. There are as many options for exterior lights as there are for interior ones, so you shouldn't let your home and lawn be wasted at night.

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