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Build A Brick Paver Patio Today (And Maybe Tomorrow)


Brick PaverLooking for a way to transform your yard? Installing a brick paver patio is an easy, simple and quick way to turn your backyard from ordinary to the envy of the neighborhood. All it takes is a little know-how, patience and planning, and the right tools and supplies. In just a day or two, you’ll have the perfect place for summer barbecues, quiet fall evenings and sunny spring afternoons.

The most important step of installation comes before you begin construction. Proper planning is vital to proper patio installation. You must first pick a plot of land on which you are going to install your patio, and then calculate the materials you will need based on the measurements of your plot. By figuring the area and volume of the plot, you can tell how much of the various materials you will need: gravel and sand to build a base, bricks to make the patio. You will need four inches of gravel, which will then be covered by one inch of sand. Calculating the volume of your plot will tell you how much of each material you will need. The square-footage of the plot will give you the number of bricks needed to cover the gravel and sand.

After you’ve planned and calculated, and marked off the space, it’s time to get to work. The first step is excavation: you will need to dig about seven inches down into your plot. Then, after laying down landscape fabric to keep down weeds, you will refill the area with first the gravel. After you’ve created a smooth surface of gravel, the next step is to lay edging to frame your patio. Next, lay down the inch of sand to finish the base. You are now ready to lay the bricks in your planned pattern. Fill the joints between the bricks with extra sand, wash and sweep the patio, and, voila!

With a helper, the whole process should take no more than two days, or twenty man hours – and you are one step closer to the house of your dreams.

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