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The heat in South Florida can get pretty crazy at times, and lawn care in particular is a hot-button issue for homeowners who want to know how to keep their lawn looking pristine. It#039;s a tough question that involves more than a few different parts, but many of those are often covered on other lawn care sites. The question that#039;s often left unanswered, however, is the question of fertilizing your lawn. How often should you fertilize a lawn in an environment like South Florida, where it#039;s hot and humid more often than not?

How often you fertilize your lawn really depends on how nice you want your lawn to look. In general, you should be fertilizing your lawn twice a year at the very minimum. For the minimum lawn care fertilization, you should apply a complete fertilizer in March and another in October. The dates don#039;t have to be exact, but try to be as close as you can- March 15th and October 15th are going to be the sweet spots that you want to hit. It#039;s alright if you#039;re within a few days of those, but try to keep the fertilizing on schedule.

If you really want to go the extra mile and keep your lawn as pristine as possible, you#039;re going to want to include three extra fertilizing treatments in that schedule. They#039;re not going to be complete like the spring and fall ones: they#039;re going to be applications of slow release nitrogen in May and and August, with a fertilization of iron in July. This ensures the maximum health of your lawn, but it#039;s also the most time-consuming and expensive. You#039;ll have to decide what you want out of your South Florida lawn, and how much time and money you want to put into it.

All in all, taking care of a lawn in South Florida isn#039;t too much different than lawn care anywhere else. As long as you take care of your lawn and fertilize it properly, it will continue to give you a beautiful, green color for as long as you#039;d like it to last you!