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The holiday season is here, and soon, and guests will visit your home. Your lawn, unfortunately, isn't in tip-top shape. and there are always one or two guests who will walk around your home to inspect your lawn. Your dilemma is how do you get your lawn ready in time for the arrival of your guests? Fortunately, a professional lawn care company will get your lawn ready before your guests arrive.

You need a landscaping designer that will put your lawn in great shape and do it fast. They must have the right equipment,and other tools, and special equipment to do the job right. First comes the  inspection of your lawn area for broken pipes and sprinkler heads, and make the necessary repairs. Then rake the lawn -- being careful not to tear out clumps of grass – so that the grass stands upright. Following this we’ll mow your lawn to just the right height. After the removal of the dead grass and debris, fertilization of the lawn with a balanced lawn fertilizer starts. Finally, broadcasting fast growing, super absorbent lawn seed and water your lawn. This is how professionals repair and grow grass fast guaranteed.

Now your lawn is in great shape and ready for your guests. This may be the right time to consider engaging a professional landscape maintenance company to care for your lawn on a regular basis. In most cases, we can customize our services to fit your budget. You’ll save money by eliminating the cost of buying equipment, and lawn care products. With professional care, your lawn will always look great, and give your home the powerful eye appeal that will impress your guests.

Believe it: When you use professionals, you’ll never have to go through the stress, time and effort of getting your lawn ready for holiday guests again.

Need the help of a professional exterior designer for your landscape design project before the holidays? Contact Turf Management today for all your exterior design and maintenance needs in Homestead. Call us at  305-255-7000!