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Grass 101


Miami Lawn FertilizerKeeping your lawn healthy is a matter of properly maintaining it, and focusing on the right levels and frequency of fertilizer, water, mowing and pulling the weeds from it. With the following simple tips, you can be on your way to a beautiful and healthy lawn that remains that way no matter what season it is.

The first thing to learn about keeping your grass healthy is knowing how and when to fertilize it. Fertilizing your lawn too often can cause more damage, which is a common misconception when it comes to caring for your own lawn. In order to keep your grass healthy, fertilize it only when it is actively growing. If you fertilize it too much, you can cause rapid growth, which then converts into having more insects and disease. The best time of the year to fertilize your grass is during the fall and spring season.

You will also need to mow your lawn, though you shouldn’t mow it too short either. Keep your grass mowed to around 3-4 inches high at all times. During some times of the year, you will mow more often, and less often when growth is slower, such as in the summer. Also be sure you are aerating your grass either in the spring or fall season to get the best quality of soil possible.

For watering your grass, keep in mind that it needs to be watered deeply and not as often. Rather than watering your grass with a hose every day for 20 minutes, you are better off keeping your sprinklers on for an hour or so every couple weeks. This allows the water to seep deep into the soil and keep your grass healthy. During dry spells, you don’t need to increase the watering, because the plant underground is still alive.

Finally, maintain your grass by pulling weds whenever you see them in order to prevent them from turning into seed. Pests are more common in the hot spring and summer months, so during this time, use a natural and organic insecticide in your grass. Be sure the label allows for lawn use.

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