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Your grass and you


Miami IrrigationWhen you purchased your home you had healthy green grass. It was full and thick an perfectly cut. As the months have passed you are now wondering what happened and how did the previous homeowner keep the grass maintained. Here are some of the basic things that all home owners should know to help maintain their grass and keep it healthy.

Understanding Grass: There are a lot of factors which need to be considered when trying to maintain your lawn and keeping it looking healthy. A lawn is made of thousands of tiny plants that is typically called grass. Every plant requires specific things to thrive.

Reseeding: An annual routine to try would be to reseed your lawn early in the fall utilizing a spreader to get an even distribution. With will aid the lawn in growing thicker and will translate into less weed and an overall better insect control. You should additionally purchase grass patch seeds to aid with particular spots where growth is difficult. Make sure the new seeds get a lot of sunlight and water and it shouldn't be too long until you see signs of new grass.

Fertilization: Plants require a lot of nutrients to thrive and this comes from air, soil and water. Based on the environment, the soil might not be adequate enough to supply whats needed. Adding some fertilized in the late fall will help the seeds and your existing lawn to grow fuller and healthier.

Weed Control: To prevent weeds from taking over your yard, you need to apply a pre emergent weed killer in early spring. This will prevent the growth of weeds prior to starting and will allow the grass an opportunity to expand. Weeds are more stronger than grass, when weeds get a foothold on your lawn, they will spread and choke grass.

Mowing: Everyone believes that they know how to cut the lawn, but actually what they understand is how to push or drive a mower. Homeowners can ruin grass by trimming or cutting it too short. If grass is cut short then the roots are exposed to the sun, which will then burn them up. Additionally, if you're subject to drought conditions or aren't able to water your grass on a regular basis, then you shouldn't cut the grass short as it will begin new growth and require water that its not getting.

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