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You should know how to make sure that your irrigation system is ready for the new year. Keeping your irrigation system in good working order requires some maintenance to protect it from extreme temperatures in the winter and some preparation to make sure it is ready to go in the spring. Maintaining your irrigation system will ensure that it remains water-efficient and free of problems.

Preparing your irrigation system for winter only requires a few simple steps. First, you should shut off the main water supply value. Then turn the irrigation setting to either “off” or “rain” for the best results. Next you should go to each value and turn each one on in order to release the pressure in the pipes. Then allow the water to drain from the irrigation system in order to prevent it from freezing.

In the spring, get your irrigation system ready for use by conducting a system check in order to identify any maintenance problems. Start by cleaning any dirt or debris from the rain sensor and the valves. Check the filters and clean them if needed. You can clean the filters by removing them and using the water hose to flush out the dirt and debris. Next, at the end of each line remove the sprinkler head and turn on the water to flush out the system. Then, replace the sprinkler head and turn on the water as you run it through one valve at a time. Also, you should check the time on the system to make sure it runs for the length of time it is set to run.

In addition, you can make sure that your irrigation system is ready for the new year by conducting periodic maintenance checks. For instance, regularly check the sprinkler heads for clogs or misalignment that may prevent them from working uniformly. Be sure to replace any sprinkler heads that develop cracks or are broken. Also, it is a good idea to have a professional check out your system periodically to help keep it in good working.

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