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Preparing a lawn before laying new turf involves weeding, removing dead grass and toiling the soil to bring life back to it to allow for the placement of the turf. Laying turf is best done during spring or the autumn when the weather is not too hot, dry or cold. A professional team of turf layers can easily pull up the old lawn and put down the new turf.

Laying turf

Lawn should be moist and not hard. The best turf to use is turf that has been raised from seeds; domestic turf fine turf or drought tolerant turf can be used dependent on the type of area and the current weather. Once the land is prepared the turf should be placed in shaded areas so they do not dry out. They can be sprinkled with moisture to revive them if necessary. It is best to have the turf laid within 24 hours.

The professionals will skim off the old grass, remove weeds, stones, rake and firm the soil then sprinkle with a little fertilizer and water. The turf will be laid in a brick laying motion to allow for the turf to breathe and grow in a healthy pattern. The turf should not be walked on for at least 2-3 weeks after the New Turf is laid. Many contractors will use grass till, rake, or hand sod cutter to remove the old grass before laying the turf.

Choosing a Turf Laying Contractor

The first step to choosing the best contractor is by word of mouth references from friends and the local business referral guide. Check for licenses and experience and also check with the better business Bureau. Get an estimate from at least 3 different contractors and have them come and look at your lawn before deciding. See what kind of equipment they have and whether they use green friendly products. A good experienced contactor will use ecofriendly products and they will recycle as much material as possible and do their best to keep your original layout of your lawn in its original state.

Know your area some areas are not conducive to certain types of turf, dry areas, hot areas or damp areas. There is a type of lawn for each condition and a good contractor will know what your area lawn needs. A lawn must be prepared, skimmed, cleared and trimmed to allow for the replacement turf to be placed evenly and professionally. To ensure that your new lawn is laid properly please consult a professional.