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Landscaping your yard properly is vital in reducing damage caused to your home and yard during hurricanes. Your home and the safety of your family is most important when a hurricane strikes so you don’t want trees or branches crashing through your windows. Two ways to minimize the risk is knowing where to place trees and which trees to plant. Bigger trees need to be planted furthest from your home and power, or phone lines, to reduce the risk of flying debris. Certain trees are more wind resistant, so chose a tree that is wind resistant and has a high survival rate when put through hurricanes. These trees can be different types of palm trees and sea grape trees as well as gumbo limbo. Pruning and regular maintenance of your trees is also very important. Inspect your trees for dead or weak branches and having them pruned can help reduce the amount of movement that happens with the trunk of the tree during the high winds associated with hurricanes.
Fallen Tree Miami Landscape CleanupIf you are in a flood area or certain parts of your yard collect water, plan your landscape accordingly. For example, in places where water collect, plant species of trees that can handle, and survive large amounts of water. Some of these species are red maples, cypresses, and pond apples. These types of plants can handle different water conditions from little water to lots of it all at once. Doing research and making sure your yard is as hurricane proof as possible is important even when hurricane seasons is over. Remember, hurricane season comes once a year so you don’t want to be replanting trees every year. A great way to make sure your yard is up to par and your house is protected is by calling in a landscaper. Landscapers where hurricanes hit are knowledgeable in the areas of how to plant and what to plant. This will give you the best chance at reducing damage to your yard and to your home during a hurricane.


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