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Home-Owning Landscaping Benefits


Miami LandscapingLandscaping, a Value-Packed Investment for Your Property

For now and the future, if you are wondering about investing money in landscaping for your home, you might want to consider the following important facts. Landscaping, tailored to fit your budget will increase the re-sale value of your home up-to and above 20%.

Think of the “first impression factor,” when a prospective buyer or realtor drives by they see an immaculate lawn or dry-landscape, with an eye-catching walkway. You have chosen plants and shrubs that reflect your passion. First impressions and lasting impressions are as important for your home as they are for a job interview.

Ugly Yard—Lower Home Value

When you are looking at whether you have a budget for landscaping of any kind, consider the next option: slightly dry lawn with flowers or shrubs that look like they emerged from a drought or flood. They are dreary and show a lack of concern on the part of the owner.

The encouraging truth is, even the smallest changes to your landscape in your front and backyard can improve curb appeal and your ability to enjoy the outside living-spaces your home offers.

Research your Plant-Scape!

Did you know that if you decide on a particular tree it could increase in value, and increase the value of your home? For instance, planting a red maple (make sure you have the proper climate and soil conditions) your initial cost: $244, a possible increase in value: $2,000!

There are so many options and styles you can choose for your landscape. Whether you like environmentally friendly plants, colorful flowers or greenery and trees that evoke thoughts of the tropics, the landscape possibilities are limitless!

Hire an Expert

LandscaperThinking about the next step? Begin the process by finding a landscape company and meet with them to discuss your landscape needs, plant, flower preferences, and budget. In the beginning stages, research plants and design styles and decide what type of landscaping suits you. During the planning meeting, your landscape company will have many ideas and options to discuss. Ask to see references and a portfolio of their recent work.

Is front yard privacy a key factor? There are many options for eye-pleasing shrubs, whether you prefer indigenous plants or lush flowers and trees, a skilled landscape company can advise you on the best options.

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