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People can be extremely passionate about gardening and tending to their yards. There are a number of people who immensely enjoy planting little flower beds or their own salad garden to grow tomatoes, carrots, beans, etc. But one should not confuse this kind of gardening with landscaping. The landscaping of your garden or yard can be quite an undertaking and quite a laborious task. It is usually best to let a professional landscaper create and maintain the look of your garden. Picking the right person for the job does not necessarily need to be very difficult but there are a few factors that you may want to consider before you make your choice.

Making a list of potential candidates is usually the easier part. If you live in Miami then you can do an internet search for Miami Landscaping companies or Miami Tree Trimming companies. You can even get names from friends and family members. Compiling the list, you will find is not too big a hurdle, but short listing from that is where things start to get a little tricky.

The first thing to make sure of, when choosing such a professional is that they have a good level of experience. He or she has to make sure that your yard not only looks pretty and organized but also that it is healthy and well kept therefore his or her skill level is very important. The person you choose needs to know how high the grass must be or how much to mow it and also which bushes require regular pruning and which must be trimmed only during certain parts of the year.

An important factor to consider is insurance. The person working in your yard must be insured so that if he or she gets hurt or injured when working in your yard you do not have to foot the medical expenses. In many cases Landscaping companies have all their workmen insured but individual workers may not have an insurance policy. It is essential for you to know this before hand and not find out about it later, after the injury has occurred.

Lastly, the cost of the services provided must be thoroughly researched. You need to know how much you will be charged for the initial landscaping and the maintenance charges that will proceed. It stands to reason that some services may not be included in the price that is being quoted to you so you need to find out what all services will be included in the quote. Also, you need to look through the entire proposal for any places where hidden costs may suddenly crop up!