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Keeping Your Trees Maintained During Hurricane SeasonProtecting your home and garden from hurricanes takes long term planning, maintenance and last minute preparations. Long term preparations consist of planning your garden or yard landscape including the type of trees you wish to plant. The trees you choose need to be maintained correctly so they maintain professionally manicured and minimize any potential for damage during a hurricane. Just before hurricane season, the trees should be trimmed. For those of us living in Miami, an area prone to hurricanes, these are important things to consider. They will help reduce damage to your property and possibly save a life.

For future planning, some things are obvious such as not planning big trees close to your home, but it is also important not to plant trees with multiple trunks since they have the potential to split during a storm and may fall on a fence or vehicle, not just your home. Trees with shallow roots are more easily uprooted. If you are just beginning to plant your garden and you live in Miami, be sure you plant trees that have proven themselves to be wind resistant and safer, such as the Live oak, magnolia and cypress trees.

If you already have mature trees on you property, there are still some measures you can take to protect your house and tree. While the chance of a tree uprooting may be low, weak branches will most likely break off and may cause serious damage to your house and property. To prevent this, make sure the weak branches are pruned to make the tree have a central leader without too many forks going off. This will make the tree less wind-resistant and give it a better chance of making it though a hurricane without causing any damages.

If you have a tree that has a thick canopy, the canopy needs to be thinned so that wind can pass through it without exerting too much force on the tree. That will help prevent branches from being torn off and stop it from being uprooted.

Following are some things you can do to make your trees safer:

  • Regularly check your trees for any damage
  • Stake any young tree you have to the ground, this will help keep them in place
  • Remove any branch that is dry, weak, diseased, or have any damage in any way
  • Remove any branches that are over electrical lines, even if they are healthy
  • Be sure the root system of your tree is healthy

If you have a tree that is large with lots of branches, and you are not sure where to start, it is best to ask an experienced professional. All sizes and ages of trees can be made safer with proper preventative maintenance.

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