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There has been much research revealing the harmful effects of using manmade chemicals to fertilize our lawns and landscapes. Now that we know the significant damage these chemicals can cause people, pets and our environment, we need to make a change and eliminate them from our surroundings. The best way to go about this is to hire a Miami Organic Landscaper. They have the product and the expertise to organically fertilize our lawns, and nourish them with chemical free fertilizer. Sit back, watch your landscape#039;s lush growth and feel great knowing this was accomplished without the use of harsh, harmful chemicals.

What is Organic Fertilizer?
Organic fertilizer is defined as being made in a natural way, without the use of chemicals and manmade manufacturing. Any materials that are natural and decompose naturally, can often be used as organic fertilizer. Some examples of these are manure, residual from plants, bone meal, worm castings and peat.

Why use Organic Fertilizer?
There are several great reasons to make the change to using all organic fertilizer.
1. No harmful chemicals
2. Healthier for you, your family, your pets and your environment
3. Organic fertilizer will slowly nourish your landscape over time, so that it is receiving constant nutrition.
4. Organic fertilizers restore your soils fertility

Is Organic Fertilizer cost effective?
Yes! Protecting ourselves and our environment is priceless. It should also be known, that organic fertilizers are not generally more expensive than chemical fertilizers. In fact, some studies have shown them to be much less costly than chemical fertilizers.

Is it hard to find a company that uses Organic Fertilizer?
Not at all. Many landscaping companies in Miami and elsewhere, offer organic fertilizer as an option for their customers. As our culture becomes more aware of the necessity to make a change from chemicals to organic, more and more landscapers will offer organic fertilizer to their clients.

Simply put, organic fertilizer is better than chemical fertilizer! It is better for ourselves, our families, our pets and our environment. Contact a landscape business that provides organic fertilizer, and make a change for the good!