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Landscape lighting will make a huge difference


You have a beautiful home, have put a lot of time and effort into the landscaping, and now are wondering what final touches are needed. Effective landscape lighting will add beauty and style to any home.

The following are some ideas for using various types of lighting to make your home even more attractive and inviting.Walkways and driveways are obvious places to arrange landscape lighting. This makes any home more inviting in the evening and provides clearly lit paths for driving and walking. By placing the lights at varying distances into the garden or yard areas you will be able to highlight the sections that are most appealing. Placement along the paths is crucial. You don't want to overdo it. Adding enough light to guide the eye and highlight the beauty of your landscape is just right. Place ground lamps around your most interesting plants and flowers. This highlights exotic colors and textures in the yard and garden.

When lighting the outside of your home be sure to light a few objects in front of the house to give it a three-dimensional look. Just lighting the house will cause the home to appear flat and bland. Use a combination of up and down lights to create an interesting mix of shadows and silhouettes. You may have to adjust the lighting several times to find the look that best compliments your home. Make sure to pay special attention to front doors on the home as well.

For more dramatic looks consider artificial moonlight and water fixture lighting. Placing lights high in trees and hidden from view gives the illusion of moonlight. This is a simple but effective way to create gorgeous landscape lighting in the evening. Lighting waterfalls and other water features from under and within the water creates a dramatic atmosphere. Whether you use wall fixtures, ground lighting, or lamps along walkways and drives, be sure to keep the lights properly cleaned and maintained for the best results.

Thinking about making your home more beautiful and welcoming? Consider adding landscape lighting to it! Call Turf Management at 305-255-7000 so we can make your vision a reality.