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Miami GardenHomeowners interested in planting an edible garden in their Miami home will be happy to know it is not that hard. You do not need to be a professional farmer to have a successful fruit and vegetable garden. Just like any landscaping or yard project you need to follow certain steps. To get started on your edible garden follow the tips below.

Choose What You Will Grow - You will need to know what kind of fruits and vegetables you want. Depending on what you pick it will dictate the season to start growing. Certain fruits and vegetables will grow all season long. Others like corn will only produce one time per season.

Pick The Right Spot - Once you know what you are planting you will need to find the best spot in your yard to plant. Most vegetables need at least six hours of full, direct sun. Moist, not soggy soil will also produce the best results.

Map Out Your Garden - Row gardens are the most common for home gardens. When planting you need to allow about eighteen inches between each row. This will make it easier when tending to your garden. Once you figure out the size of garden mark the borders.

Prepare The Soil - When you start tilling your soil be sure to get down deep. Allow at least eight inches of room for the roots. If you are planting vegetables like carrots or potatoes you need to dig much deeper. Mix in some rich, organic material like compost to help your garden grow. A mix of about fifty percent soil and fifty percent organic matter is good.

Get Planting - Start in the evening when the hottest part of the day has passed. Mark each row to identify your foods. Dig a little burrow for each seed. Place you seeds in the row even spaced, making sure each seed has plenty of room. Cover each one with fine soil and gently tamp with a hoe. Water gently and let your garden begin to grow. Some love and attention and soon you will be enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden.

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