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In South Florida, grass, trees, and shrubs grow year round. Trees need to be trimmed on a consistent basis so it's important to hire a tree trimming company that you're comfortable with using. Of course, landscapers and tree trimmers come and go frequently, so it is imperative that you find a reliable service that you can count on. To do this, there are a few questions that you should ask before hiring a particular company.

1. ''Are you licensed and insured?"  This is probably the most important question of all. If property damage is done or someone is injured, you need to be assured that the company is liable or you could be paying out of your pocket for a long time.

Miami Tree Trimming

2. "Please give me a list of references." Satisfied customers let you know that the company did a thorough, quality job. Chances are that you'll be satisfied with their job too.

3. "Are you experienced with trimming large trees?" It's important to make sure the company you hire has trimmed large trees before. Trimming small trees and bushes isn't the same as large trees. The cut has to be aesthetically pleasing with a large tree so that it's not lopsided or, more importantly, trimmed in a way that it will be prone to breakage during a hurricane.

4. "What is your total price and can I get it in writing?" A price has to be set before the job starts and it should be in writing. Many times a tree trimmer has said the job was larger than planned or extra work was done and now they demand more money before they complete the job. Having an agreed price in writing saves this from happening.

5. "Will the debris be hauled away?" Many homeowners associations will not allow debris to be left by the road from a professional tree trimming company. If this isn't settled before the work is started, you could be charged an additional charge from the company (if they even come back!) when the debris has to be taken to the dump the following week when Waste Management won't take it.

Hiring a good tree trimming company isn't hard if you follow these few important steps. Make sure you don't hire someone in haste though, as you could be cleaning up the mess--literally--for a long time.

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