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Miami Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care Design Services, Miami FL
Organic Green Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with 100% natural and environmentally friendly lawn care services that contribute to a sustainable society. Our soil ammendments provide our customers with an alternative to harmful chemicals and fertilizers whose cumulative effects threaten our health and welfare. Organic Green Solutions Clean Energy Division, which includes but is not limited to organic fertilization and soil enhancement, is offering an alternative to using fossil fuels and our Bio remediation and Bio Filters are cleaning up the mess we have made of our World.

We are at the dawn of a new day. We are entering a period where people are demanding natural solutions to man-made problems. The land we cultivate and the seas we harvest, which lead to the food we eat, must be free from harmful toxins and contaminants that are making us sick.

The very landscapes that we enjoy and the fields that supply us food are being poisoned every day with chemicals that are promoted as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides (seemingly positive things), but yet things that possess many “unintended consequences.”

Instead of using environmentally friendly lawn care services, the addiction of instant gratification and guaranteed short term results have caused people to utilize stronger and more potent chemiclas. Now the incidences of childhood cancer to going up at an alarming ratse. There is fear that what we are eating and the places we play, are threatening our very existence. Why has cancer been such a lethal killer and destroyer of so many lives for so long? Could it be because the very food we need to sustain us is tainted with things that are killing us at the same time? Something has to be done.

We have to stop killing ourselves in the name of larger yields. We have to find better ways to do things. We have to get back to using natural, organic materials to help us solve the problems we have created.

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