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Have you kept up with your irrigation system?


A proper running irrigation system will keep your grass, plants, flowers and vegetable gardens lush, no matter how hot and dry the days. Also, a functioning system saves you water, as it utilizes optimum watering methods throughout your yard. However, when your irrigation has a problem, it can cost you money in wasted water from leaks or in dead foliage from not receiving the appropriate hydration. That is why it is important to watch for signs that your irrigation system needs maintenance, and when you notice problems, call a licensed irrigation specialist.

Some water leaks in your sprinkler system can be simple to spot. For example, if you find water in your crawl space, where the shut-off valve is usually located, then you could have a leaking valve or a damaged line. If, however, you see a wet patch in your yard and it has not rained lately, then one of the sprinkler heads might be leaking, or you may have a crack in the line. In any instance, call a qualified irrigation professional.

Just as any abundance of water, where it does not belong, can signal your system needs attention, so can brown areas in your yard. For instance, if you have areas of dry or dead grass, then the heads may need adjustment to cover that area. Or the area could be set to receive adequate water, but the sprinkler head is clogged or broken; in either scenario, your landscape is not receiving the water it needs. Other times, the system’s settings need to be tweaked at the control panel for better performance.

If you live in a region with cold winters, be sure to have your landscape specialist winterize your system every fall so water will not freeze in the lines, causing pipes to crack. And when spring arrives, have them turn on your sprinklers for the summer. While there, they will be able to inspect your system for any problems. Keeping your irrigation system properly maintained will save you water and money for years to come.

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