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Reasons for landscape lighting

Safety, security and resale value are only a few reasons to consider landscape lighting. The true beauty of landscape lighting can only be seen at night, but even in daylight the practicality of the plan can be seen. Outdoor lighting also means lower power bills. It means saving money on homeowner's insurance. Certain types of outdoor lighting use very little energy, making these lights a environmentally friendly choice. That will net homeowners much savings in power and tax credits.

Ways and Means

Uplighting and downlighting the premises focuses light on specific points of interest. Uplighting against windows and doors, for example, deters robbers. The family can see out the windows but because of the glare no one can see inside. Robbers won't go where they risk being seen.

Uplighting and downlighting trees, bushes and flower beds highlights improvements to the property in addition to casting a romantic glow over the foliage. Highlighting fountains, ponds and waterfalls adds to the romance.

Decks, Patios and Outdoor Kitchens

Upgrading a home to include a deck, patio, pergola or outdoor kitchen wouldn't be complete without shedding light on the subject. Keep the walkways and stairs safe with outdoor lighting. Strategically placed lights will open the deck, patio, outdoor kitchen and yard to guests at parties or family get-togethers. Showcasing the beauty of flowers and waterfalls at night will thrill guests and entrance potential buyers in the event homeowners want to sell the house.


If innovations on the property need to be seen and appreciated, landscape lighting would be the answer. Focus specialty lighting on hand-built stone paths through stunning flower gardens, highlighting natural grottoes or focusing on cascading waterfalls. Share the beauty with others by casting it in the perfect light.


Understated but beautiful lighting will highlight the pool and spa. Swimming at night used to involve the floodlights and watching, envious neighbors. Now homeowners can swim in comfort, enjoying the beauty of water in the starlight, ably accompanied by subtle downlights.

While the safety, security and savings of landscape lighting appeal to everyone, the beauty of the lights lie in the night, beautifully subtle.

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