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A well trimmed tree is not only more attractive, it will stay healthier and live longer. Trees are not only beautiful landscaping additions, they serve many useful purposes. They provide shade as well as helping to prevent flooding and soil erosion.
For example, when a tree accumulates dead wood that dead wood attracts wood boring insects and wood decaying fungi. Once established these enemies of your healthy tree move from dead to live wood and cause the tree to become stressed. a stressed tree is on the road to dying if it is not treated.

Another reason to keep trees well trimmed is so that the wind can flow through the tree without cracking or breaking branches. Additionally, heavy horizontal branches can pose a danger to utility lines and the roof of any house the tree is near.

While there are many companies whose personnel can climb a tree and chop off branches, it is not that simple. Different trees have different growth patterns and issues. It is therefore wise to hire a knowledgeable professional to trim your trees. Ideally you should hire someone who is a certified arborist. If you hire someone who has a certification from the International Society of Arboriculture, you will have hired a trained professional.

It is important for the health of your tree to do the job correctly. An improperly performed tree trim can stress your tree. An experienced professional will not only know how to properly trim your tree, they will be able to spot disease issues early and give you advice on the care of your tree over the long run.
Lastly, remember that tree trimming is dangerous work. You should make sure that your tree trimmer is fully insured. Ask for the tree trimmer's current arborist certificate (so that you know that they are current with the latest information and technology) and their insurance certificate.

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