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Choosing the appropriate South Florida grass, is clearly necessary when searching for the correct landscaping for one's home. Although the notion that all grass is the same may run in the minds of some, there are six main types one must be aware of.

St. Augustine
St. Augustine grass is available in four types; Floratam, Palmetto, Del-Mar, and Seville. Each type provides different positives, and negatives. St. Augustine offers the ability to achieve full, dark grass even under the most stubborn soils. Floratam does very well in sun, but fails in shaded areas. Palmetto is cold weather friendly, and grows well in both sun, and shade. Del-Mar has the most brilliant color, is the most tolerant to cooler temperatures, and grows well in sun with occasional shade. Lastly, Seville is mainly sun, with a slight shade ability. This type of St. Augustine grass spreads, and grows quite quickly. St. Augustine grass can be watered with low-quality water, and should be maintained on a common basis.

Bahia Types Of Grass
The main types of Bahia grass are Common, Argentine, Pensacola, and Paraguay grass. Unfortunately, Bahia grass is most difficult to grow, but most commonly has the richest look. Common grass is not usually used in person's yards, and is fairly inexpensive; but is also one of the lowest quality grasses available for South Florida grass. Argentine grass grows the thickest, most vibrant, and most tolerant throughout all of the Bahia type grasses. This often results in many residential purchases. Pensacola grass does not need an excess of watering, it withholds throughout the worst weather, and is often used by the state for landscaping purposes (due to it's unnecessary need to be continually cared for). Lastly, Paraguay grass is also very low quality, and should be used when on a budget.

Carpet Grass
Carpet grass holds up most well in areas with very wet ground. It also commonly succeeds in weather with common precipitation, and warmth. This grass is of a lower quality, and has problems spreading.

Centipede Grass
This is the most common South Florida grass. This grass spreads, and grows well; moderate weather conditions are necessary for this grass to prosper.

Seashore Paspalcum
Seashore Paspalcum requires little maintenance, but grows thick, and appears healthy. Although the Seashore Paspalcum takes long to prepare, it can be cared for with low quality water.

Zoysia Grass
This is available in EL Toro, Empire, and Empress types. Empire is the highest of quality, and can be used in residential areas. EL Toro reseeds itself in the spring quite strong, while that is not the case for Empress types.