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A nice and beautifully decorated garden can give off a inviting and friendly vibe, even to birds. If you want a bird-friendly garden, and someone to make your gardens idea a reality, then look no more. You can get the help you need with your garden, and plenty of bird friendly garden ideas, a list of the perfect plants for your garden, as well as a list of alternatives for each of those plants. You may be able to find some do it yourself ideas for your garden, but it is always the best idea to go with a landscape designer for the best results. You may want to find a professional landscape designer that knows about landscaping, gardens, garden ideas, types, styles, and more like myself.

If you want a bird-friendly garden, then it will be best to look forward to a garden rich with food sources and nesting sites which is an ideal habitat for birds. There are many different types of birds that require different kinds of foods in different seasons.

Shrubs such as Cotoneaster create fruits that are enjoyed by birds throughout the harvest season. Asteraceae flowers such as coneflowers offer their seedheads in fall. Parent birds need energy to take care of themselves and their young so it's very important for them to feed. Parent birds feed on sweet fruits such as wild cherries, mulberries, and blackberries.There are some birds that feed on fatty fruits such as fall migrants, they may feast on spicebush, mapleleaf viburnum, and flowering dogwood, which may help along their long journey. Persistent fruits such as hawthorns, crabapples, and sumacs help wintering birds to survive subfreezing temperatures. Persistent fruits are also extremely important for early spring migrants such as robins, and bluebirds.

I could help you to be successful in attracting birds to your yard with plenty of shrubs which is what birds use to sit and sing on. I can plant small trees and shrubs in same-species clumps which is necessary for pollination and fertility and therefore fruit yields.Clumps are also good for birds because it provides high visibility, and a massed displays of fruit. Not all gardens are small, jobs can range from small gardens to large estates, so the work at your property could range from one day to several months. The end result of your bird-friendly garden will be, well worth it! Go with who know, and get the job done professionally, and properly just the way you want it to be.

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