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What constitutes as lawn maintenance?


Landscape MaintenanceWhen a landscaping company price quotes a client's lawn maintenance care, considered are the seasonal needs and the size of the lawn. Man hours and products needed to apply to that lawn for ongoing work to create a successful result, must be considered. Establishing a mantra is the first order of business.

Early spring, the lawn needs cleaning up from a long, dry winter. Preparing the area will require man hours. Fertilizing and reseeding in the spring or Fall along with aerating or making small holes in the lawn for reaching and holding moisture is performed to the entire area. Water and oxygen needs to reach the deep roots. Putting a pre-emergent herbicide prevents weeds and crabgrass. Grub worms and beetles could attack you project lawn. If larvae are noticed, adding a pesticide must be watered into the soil. The germinating of seeds needs water for the process to be fulfilled.

Enlist your clients to water at least one inch depth per week is for promoting active grass growth. Rich, green color and promotion of normal root growth is encouraged by infrequent watering effectively and will build a better, healthier lawn than frequent "sprinkling". Not watering enough causes dormancy in growth. It most likely will not permanently harm the lawn, but the dryness stunts growth. Watering at least one inch deep per month, after reseeding and other lawn maintenance, as mentioned, is done, a beautiful, healthy lawn can be achieved. When rain comes, the lawn flourishes.

The mowing season, summer, it must be remembered to "mow high" at least three inches of the raising your mower blades. Mowing and keeping the appearance neat causes grass to less likely dry out, keeping the moisture in between the blades of grass and in the soil. Clean mower blades frequently, as after mowing other lawns, as this will keep from spreading lawn diseases.

Wait until fall to repair bare spots after any hot, dry weather has passed. Be sure soil is broken up or aerated before reseeding and fertilizing all lawn and bare spots. Always water germinating seeds to promote deep root growth.

If a company "proves by appearance" it is following and producing a plan to "do a better job", that is the best advertising.

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