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Maintaining a landscape design in Miami involves controlling the growth of the plants, making sure there is an adequate and timely water distribution system, and controlling weeds and other invasive plant life. 

When a landscape design is created it is likely to be based on the principle that little will become more, meaning that the plants should be few in number and placed an adequate distance apart.

Maintaining a landscape design requires that the plants, shrubs, trees and bushes be pruned regularly to keep them from overwhelming the landscape. The pruning should be done at the right time of the year and should follow directions intended to help the new growth occur in the right places. The thinning of the plants when new shoots sprout up is essential to maintain the original landscape design.

A watering system is important to keep the landscape design looking beautiful and maintaining the growth of blooms and flowers as well as developing a healthy look for the landscaping. The watering system should be controlled by a meter so that the correct amount of water is metered at the right times and days. An automatic watering system is essential for the healthy growth of a landscape.

If the landscape design included a weed barrier to be put down before any plants are put in place, then the weed population will not be large. However, some weeds will grow regardless, and so it is vital that a weed control plan be in place to prevent their growth. If the weeds are not controlled, they can overrun the landscaping. A good chemical weed barrier should be put down in the early spring.

A ground cover is a beautiful addition to a landscape design, but it must be replaced every few years because it decomposes and looks out of place in a lovely landscape. If rocks or stones are used, they may not need replacing but they will need to be placed carefully around the plants so as not to reflect too much heat up on the plants during the summer.

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