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Organic Lawn Care Vs. Regular Lawn Care


Organic Lawn CareThe organic craze didn't start with our diets, it started with our farms, ranches, and of course, lawns. Organic lawn care, or organic lawn management, is essentially the practice of caring for a garden lawn without the use of any chemicals, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers. This contrasts heavily with mainstream lawn care management which often paired all those chemical lawn supplements with an arsenal of gas powered tools. Of course, many of these tools now have green alternatives. Yes, organic lawn care maintenance is not just rejecting chemicals that often do more harm to the ground and our bodies than good, it is also rejecting gas powered lawn care equipment.

So far this has just been what organic lawn management isn't- it isn't how it used to be. But what is it exactly then? Well, actual tasks haven't changed too much, just the equipment has. For instance, the lawn will still be mowed, but instead of using a gas powered mower, you can use a more cost effective and energy efficient electric mower. Also, fertilizers are still very prevalent in organic lawn care. Organic fertilizers are often molded out of house hold ingredients, such as compost and old tea.

This practice is effective for nurturing healthy soil, and yielding a stronger lawn or garden. Of course, organic fertilizers are often carried at local hard ware stores as well. An interesting technique that has emerged from organic lawn management has been fertilizing lawns in the autumn months, rather than spring months.

This is because non-organic fertilizers are mostly made up of chemicals that are fast acting, though also are harmful to the biodiversity of your lawn. This means less forms of life are able to thrive there, and the stress that your lawn can then endure from too much (or not enough) sun, rain, footsteps, etc is significantly lowered. Regular fertilizers often use nitrogen and fossil fuels, which can be very harmful to the land.

Organic lawn care practices can save you money, strengthen the vitality of your lawn, and keep you hip and retro with an old school push lawnmower.

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