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How To Keep Your Grass Healthy


Miami Lawn CareEvery homeowner wants their lawn to look great. However, the task isn't as simple as it seems. A lush, vibrant lawn requires considerable care and maintenance to keep it looking that way, which is something that most people just don't have the time for. Fortunately, with the help of a professional lawn care company, having a lawn you can be proud of doesn't have to be hard.

Get a Soil Test: Before you start thinking about what should be done to your lawn, it's important to know what it's in need of. For this, it's recommended to run a soil test to show you which nutrients are lacking and which are over-abundant. You can buy do-it-yourself tests at hardware stores, but these aren't very comprehensive or accurate. A professional test will give you a much better idea of where to start.

Fertilize Regularly: Regular fertilization is the cornerstone of a healthy lawn. After you've looked over the results of your soil test, talk to a lawn care professional to find out how to proceed. There are many different fertilizers to choose from. Some may need to be applied more or less frequently, while others have different nutrient profiles. The one you need will depend on your soil's chemical makeup. If you talk to your lawn care company, they may be able to recommend the best one for your purposes and apply it for you.

Curb Your Dog: Are you frustrated with seeing ugly yellow patches all over your once-pristine lawn? It's probably because of your dog. Dog urine is excellent at killing grass because of the high nitrogen levels. If you want to avoid this, it's helpful to take your dog elsewhere to do his business. You could even cordon off a special area of your yard in an unobtrusive location just for the purpose.

Aerate Annually: Like with most plants, grass roots require plenty of airflow in order to grow strong and resist pests and disease. For this reason, many professionals recommend that you have your lawn aerated once per year. This service also has the added benefit of improving soil drainage and encouraging earthworm activity.

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