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Miami Irrigation and SprinklersWatering vegetative plantings with a hose or a watering container is not always the optimum manner to water landscaping, whether its turf, flowers, plants or vegetables. Often times, watering is completed at irregular intervals and water is dispersed at an uneven rate. Plantings tend to receive too much water or not enough. Installing an irrigation system is an alternative to watering plantings by hand and a good way to regulate when and how much water plantings receive.

When installing an irrigation system in your Miami home, an experienced landscaper is better versed in soil, turf and planting requirements than the average homeowner. They are familiar with the latest technology and equipment that will produce the best results. Before determining the best irrigation system for you, a landscaper will analyze your planting conditions, the type of planting to be installed and soil conditions. They will also take into consideration where the water source is located and if the water is hard or soft. Hard water, which usually contains high levels of calcium, may need nutrients added to take away the hard edge and be more effective for the plants.

A landscaper will determine the specific watering needs and install a system accordingly. They will be able to regulate how much water is dispersed and when the plantings are watered. Watering can be regulated according to the weather and according to the specific watering requirements for each different type of planting.

When a landscaper installs an irrigation system, they will no doubt offer a warranty in the event something does not work quite right. Instead of you trying to identify the problem and repairing it, the landscaper will do the work. You will be able to continue with your regular daily business. Most landscapers maintain the systems they install; meaning according to a predetermined schedule they will check the system and make sure it is in top working order. They will replace any parts that are less than effective and make sure the system is working at optimum conditions.

Landscapers will also winterize the system in areas that experience cold winter months. Winterizing the system will help preserve the integrity of the system for the following spring. The system may need some replacement parts in the spring, but the work necessary to get the system back up and running will be minimal.

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